NAIA Terminal 3 Displays Colorful Philippine Mats

A photo on The National Commission for Culture and the Arts’s Facebook page showed how the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 displayed various colorful Philippine Mats and Maranao lakub on walls and beams inside the said airport.

NAIA T3 Philippine Mats

Photos by NCCA OIC Executive Director Adelina Suemith

The photo came with the following caption:

The Art in Public Spaces at the NAIA Terminal 3 showcases the colorful design of Philippine mats and Maranao lakub. This is a joint project of the NCCA and the Tourism Infrastructure And Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA).

These mats and lakub has somewhat stirred interest from netizens.

On the comments, a netizen even inquired where they can “get those beautiful mats and lakub?”

NAIA T3 Philippine Mats - 1

The said showcase earned commendations from commenters.

NAIA T3 Philippine Mats - 2

NAIA T3 Philippine Mats - 3

NAIA T3 Philippine Mats - 4

However, one commented that the showcase did not use real mats but “paintings (that) are not so good up close, not meticulously done”. The comment added, “The intention was good but the execution was not.”

Have you seen this showcase of Philippine mats and Maranao lakub in NAIA T3? What can you say about it?