Mystery Manila: 1 Room, 1 Mystery, 1 Hour, 1 Way Out

Mystery Manila: 1 Room, 1 Mystery, 1 Hour, 1 Way Out


Mystery Manila 5

When in Manila, the search for challenges and thrills is inevitable. Going on an adventure such as mountain climbing is one thing, but engaging and committing yourself to something that will definitely make you tremble and quiver is another.  

Mystery Manila 2

Just a week ago, Mystery Manila – a live escape game in the Philippines – finally opened its doors to the public. When we got the invite, we were not actually sure what we were getting ourselves into as none of us experienced anything like it. 

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The idea of being trapped in 1 room, with 1 mystery, in 1 hour, with only 1 way out gave us mixed emotions as it was equally exciting and nerve-wrecking!    

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For as low as 400php, Mystery Manila will definitely test out your creative and problem-solving skills. Other than that, it could also test out friendships and relationships as you venture onto finding clues to escape the room. There are 2 rooms to choose from: Justice for Jamila and the Chained Chamber. The rooms depend on your preferred theme. 

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If you feel like being Sherlock for the day, then you can opt for the Justice for Jamila room and look for clues to find the killer. You can only get out once you’ve guessed the killer with the help of the evidence, of course. 

Mystery Manila 10 

For those of you who want something more inclined to horror, then you can choose the Chained Chamber where you will literally be chained and cuffed in dark as you look for clues to get out of the room.

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I highly recommend trying out both rooms as each caters to a different kind of experience yet are equally thrilling. Once you complete a challenge, you can get the chance to be on the leaderboard or receive a prize for solving the mystery, depending on your achievement time.

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At the end of the experience, we were in awe by how the rooms were meticulously crafted and well thought-of even to the most minute detail. This is only the beginning, too. Expect more themed rooms in a couple of months and satisfy your craving for this challenge.

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 When in Manila, make sure you don’t miss out on this thrilling experience by booking a challenge at Mystery Manila.


Photography: Bea Reyes



Mystery Manila

Twitter & Instagram: @mysterymanila


Located at: Unit 9A JW Plaza Building, 195

E. Rodriguez Jr Ave. (Known as C5)

Brgy. Bagumbayan, 1110 Quezon City MM



Number of Pax          Price per Pax

2                                 550

3                                  500

4                                  450

5*                                400


*Exclusively for Justice for Jamila



Mystery Manila: 1 Room, 1 Mystery, 1 Hour, 1 Way Out