My First Time Watching a Bodybuilding Competition: Shawn Rhoden Classic PH 2018

My First Time Watching a Bodybuilding Competition

After watching the Shawn Rhoden Classic Philippines 2018, I found myself distracted, browsing for food containers and whey protein online, and seeking out a coach for my fitness goals this 2019. Hi, everyone! My name is Kaycee, also known as @themachomom, and I’m going to share my experience of watching a bodybuilding competition for the first time.

What is Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding is all about aesthetics – achieving the perfect symmetry of each body part. If you’re interested in going pro, there are different competitions you can join depending on your goals:

  • Professional Bodybuilding – One who competes in competitions with a “pro-card”
  • Natural Bodybuilding – A bodybuilder who doesn’t use drugs/steroids
  • Female Bodybuilding  – Bodybuilding competitions for women.

Shawn Rhoden Classic, December 8, 2018 at the Solaire Theater, Manila, Philippines. Dec…

Posted by Shawn Rhoden Classic on Thursday, October 4, 2018

I’ve been physically active for years now, but my boyfriend piqued my interest in bodybuilding. He’s a HUGE fan of the greats like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Platz, Dorian Yates, and the Shawn Rhoden (who won Mr. Olympia this year). That’s why I just had to go when I heard that he was holding a competition in Manila!

IFBB Pro Card

IFBB Pro Card

Plus, for the first time in Philippine Bodybuilding history, 6 IFBB PRO Cards were awarded. IFBB is a professional league that stands for the International Federation of Bodybuilders. You cannot compete in an IFBB competition like the Mr Olympia until you are an “IFBB Pro”.

My First Time Watching a Bodybuilding Competition

Since I didn’t want to go alone, I invited my friend Mara and her husband Nikko to the event. They’re more knowledgable in bodybuilding than I am and have watched the competition annually since 2016! The Shawn Rhoden Classic 2018 was held in Solaire Theatre in Pasay. Previously, it was held in the MOA Convention Center. So, from Lipa, Batangas, I rode a bus to Buendia, then took a cab to the venue. You can commute via jeepney if you want, but I was dead tired from my 3-hour provincial ride that I didn’t mind spending extra for comfort.

Food and drinks are not allowed inside the theatre so I made sure that my tummy was full before the show. There are several restaurants in Solaire and even a food court. The price of food ranges from Php250 to Php1,000+. The most affordable place I could dine in was Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, so I had my lunch there.

The Categories

  • Men’s Bodybuilding
  • Classic Physique
  • Women’s Physique
  • Women’s Figure
  • Women’s Bikini
  • Men’s Physique
Shawn Rhoden Classic 2018 - Men's Physique

Shawn Rhoden Classic 2018 – Men’s Physique

Sitting with my friends, I watched as the competitors walked and posed in front of the judges. It was like a beauty pageant without the Q&A part. With each round, the judges asked them to do front, side, and back poses.

Shawn Rhoden Classic 2018 - Women's Bikini Junior

Shawn Rhoden Classic 2018 – Women’s Bikini Junior

There were times when the judge would ask the competitors to switch places “Number 122 switch with 129″. I had no clue what that meant at that time, so I asked my friend Mara. According to her, in bodybuilding competitions, judges switch the contestants around and if you place in the middle, it means you have the “best physique” in that moment. I was in awe! I was also taught that in bodybuilding competitions, bigger doesn’t mean better. It’s all about the right proportion and balance of your body with your height.

Shawn Rhoden Classic 2018 - Women's Bikini Novice

Shawn Rhoden Classic 2018 – Women’s Bikini Novice

The number of competitors for this year’s competition trumped last year’s 70 athletes with more than 120 participants. Joining a bodybuilding competition is no easy feat! Years of discipline, a strict diet, and strength training are needed to achieve the perfect balanced physique that the competition requires.

Meeting Shawn Rhoden and the IFBB Pros in the Flesh

Shawn Rhoden Classic 2018 - IFBB Pro Card Holders

Shawn Rhoden Classic 2018 – IFBB Pro Card Holders

Part of having the Gold Ticket (Php5,000) is getting to meet THE Shawn Rhoden and the international IFBB professionals! Seeing them in the flesh felt both intimidating and inspiring.

Janet Layug - Fil-Am 6 Time IFBB Pro Card Holder

Janet Layug – Fil-Am 6 Time IFBB Pro Card Holder

They were super friendly, though, and patiently answered my questions on what they usually eat, and what inspired them to join the sport. Some of them even followed me on Instagram *fan-girling to the max!*

Shawn Rhoden Signing an Autograph

Shawn Rhoden Signing an Autograph

Too bad I was wearing a formal top and coat because Mara got her shirt signed! I was a bit jealous haha.

Shawn "Flexatron" Rhoden

with Shawn “Flexatron” Rhoden

I took a selfie with Mr. Olympia “Flexatron” Shawn Rhoden instead.

My Final Thoughts

After seeing the show, I realized that it’s up to us how we build and take care of our bodies. Our diet, activities, stress levels, and sleep can affect our physique. Bodybuilding is not just a physical sport. Strong mental and emotional determination are also needed to achieve our goals. They’re people to be admired and respected!

Kaycee Enerva / The Macho Mom

Kaycee Enerva / The Macho Mom

I call myself “The Macho Mom” because I want to inspire mothers like me to get fit and stay fit. Despite having multiple jobs, doing household chores, and taking care of our kids; we shouldn’t neglect ourselves. While we might not all have the time to be a bodybuilder, we can spare still spare 30 minutes or so to take care of our bodies.


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