My Chef PH: Get Any Kind of Food that You Want Delivered to You

Wouldn’t it be great to have a chef make your family’s favorite dish and get it delivered to them even if you’re abroad? If you’re an expat feeling a little homesick and are looking for something authentic from back home, wouldn’t it be great to taste it again? Are you looking for a dish that you discovered during your travels, but can’t find it locally? Are you craving for something you saw on the Food Network? Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a chef who can make whatever you want and get it delivered to you? That’s exactly what My Chef PH does.

My Chef PH was born out of sibling love when the owner wanted to surprise their sister in Australia for her birthday, but couldn’t find any convenient deliver and payment options. Its aim? To connect food and people anywhere in the world! It’s basically like having a personal chef one online order away. Ultimately, they want to establish a bigger platform where buyers and sellers all over the world can connect and enjoy each other’s culture and passion for good food.

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My Chef PH is the first platform in the Philippines that showcases products from chefs, bakers, and cooks that you can connect with from the comforts of your own home.

If you’re looking for dark chocolate cake, for example, just visit the website and search for it. It might make you feel like a kid in a candy store with all of the choices available; but once you make one, just add it to your card, check out, choose a payment option, and wait for your order to arrive. Easy peasy!

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Since the platform is made by chefs and bakers, the spotlight shines on the many talented Pinoy chefs and bakers in the country. My Chef PH hopes to cultivate a culture of appreciation for their special kind of genius because it takes, blood, sweat, tears, and even some burnt fingers to be the top-notch professionals that they are. My Chef PH has been serving as a network for people looking for chefs as food consultants, personal chefs for private events, and bakers for special occasions. They have also had a few requests from startup restaurants and bakeshops to help them find chefs and bakers to work with on building menus and recipes.

So, if you know a local business that deserves to be shared, get in touch with My Chef PH and refer them. Conversely, if you simply want to discover great food, try healthier meals, or find something specific to satisfy your food cravings or to remember your childhood, My Chef PH can help you out – no problem!

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