MWF 1 Kasaysayan – A History-Making Show at Centris

Photos by: Martin Vicencio and Jonathan Guillermo

04mwf 1 kasaysayan when in manila sig pechoMWF Ring Announcer Sig Pecho

Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) made a history-making show at Elements @ Centris with MWF 1: Kasaysayan. The show had some amazing wrestling action that included Singapore Pro Wrestling’s (SPW) South East Asian Tag Team Champion Kenneth “The Eurasian Dragon” Thexeira and former WWE Superstar and current King of Pro Wrestling (KOPW) Champion Ho Ho Lun. 04mwf 1 kasaysayan when in manila robin saneRobin Sane

Robin Sane the History Maker

MWF Commissioner Mike Shannon awarded Robin Sane the MWF History Maker medal. Sane said that Mr. Lucha is his friend but in the final moments of the match he had to make history and eliminate his friend. Robin Sane added that he found a partner in Ho Ho Lun. He realized that enemies can become friends too…all they needed was to punch each other out. Sane promised that since this is his first award, he will make it relevant.

04mwf 1 kasaysayan when in manila mr luchaMr. Lucha

Mr. Lucha arrived at ringside and promised Robin Sane that tonight, he would not have his back turned on his friend. Lucha left ringside, never turning his back on Robin Sane.04mwf 1 kasaysayan when in manila fabio makisigFabio Makisig

04mwf 1 kasaysayan when in manila fabio jomar1Fabio fights Jomar

Brother Jomar Liwanag vs. Fabio Makisig

The charismatic Jomar Liwanag tried to get a win at the cost of Fabio’s undefeated streak. Fabio assaulted Jomar with hard strikes and a beautiful standing shooting star press. Jomar turned things around and delivered a thunderous spinebuster on Fabio. Fabio threatened Jomar by holding his book hostage. Fabio delivered some massive shots on Jomar to obtain the pinfall victory.

04mwf 1 kasaysayan when in manila fabio jomar bookFabio threatens Jomar with the book

04mwf 1 kasaysayan when in manila fabio jomarFabio rakes Jomar’s eyes!

After the match, Makisig tried to blind Jomar and stole the book of light. Upon opening the book of light, a mysterious lady popped out behind Fabio. Makisig ran away from the mysterious figure who would lead a blinded Jomar to the backstage area.

04mwf 1 kasaysayan when in manila kickAshura and Kyle kick Hanzello

04mwf 1 kasaysayan when in manila baewolves1BaeWolves assault Kyle Sison!

Hanzello Shilva & Aldrin Richards vs. Ashura & Kyle Sison

Aldrin and Ashura started off this match with an amazing exchange of moves. Sison and Shilva get in and have an equal exchange of maneuvers.  Shilva got the upperhand and tagged out to Aldrin. Shilva and Richards double teamed Sison, culminating to a backbreaker/knee strike combo. Ashura was tagged in and she and Sison deliver some hard kicks to Hanzello Shilva in the middle of the ring. Aldrin Richards got the hot tag and he was a house on fire! Richards finished Sison off with the Rose Goddess Killer for the pinfall victory. After the match, a random fan rushed to Aldrin and took a selfie before she was whisked away by some officials.04mwf 1 kasaysayan when in manila rex tarekRex assaults MWF Senior Analyst Tarek

04mwf 1 kasaysayan when in manila coach gus

Frankie Thurteen vs. Rex Lawin

Gus Queens had a short speech before the match on the injustices of the new MWF management. Queens said that it was him who made MWF and should be recognized as such. Rex attacked MWF Senior Analyst Tarek from behind and took him out with a submission hold. Lawin tried to assault MWF Commissioner Shannon, but was separated by MWF officials.

04mwf 1 kasaysayan when in manila lawin kickRex kicks Frankie

04mwf 1 kasaysayan when in manila frankie lockFrankie traps Rex!

Frankie Thurteen fought fire with fire as he delivered some strikes to Rex Lawin. Mr. Dangerous took the fight to the Grundge Grappler with some hard strikes and kicks. Frankie grounded Rex and connected with the Angel Bullet stomp. Lawin miraculously got a shoulder up before 3. Frankie tried his other finisher but was blocked by Lawn. Rex Lawin got the victory after he knocked out Frankie Thurteen.

04mwf 1 kasaysayan when in manila rex frankieRex looks over the fallen opponent

04mwf 1 kasaysayan when in manila rex frankie postRex attacks a defenseless Frankie Thurteen

After the match, Gus Queens challenged TNT Greg Bownds (who confronted Lawin last December) to face Rex and put his AWF title on the line. Rex attacked Frankie seconds later until the MWF roster ran to ringside and pulled them apart.

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