7 Must-Have Microwave Oven Accessories for People Who Love to Bake

In 2020, people started to learn how to make a lot of stuff on their own at home. Some started brewing their own coffee, while others experimented on different recipes for lunch or dinner. Others started baking their own bread and cakes. For people who are now hooked to using a microwave oven, here are some must-have accessories that you can give to them as a gift this Christmas. Fret not, these are all available online and you can buy them on Lazada.

7. Slique Premium Baking Dish

Made from durable borosilicate glass, this dish provides superior performance while allowing you to go directly from the freezer or fridge to the oven without breaking. Bake and serve using the same tray using this premium baking dish.

6. Adjustable Microwave Oven Shelf

Add storage space in your baking area with this adjustable rack. It can be installed easily on the countertop to create storage space on top of your oven. It allows you to put commonly used materials and ingredients near your baking area.

5. Monazone Silicone Glove Mitts

Properly insulated to protect your hands from scalding.

4. Migecon Oven Thermometer

Baking is an exact science so it helps that you have a durable thermometer that helps you track the temperature. The Migecon oven thermometer can measure temperatures of up to 280-degree Celsius.

Important note: After use, the thermometer is very hot. Do not touch it directly to avoid being burnt.

3. Sweejar Ceramic Baking Dish

This rectangular ceramic dish is microwave-safe. It looks really nice that you can serve anything your bake on it directly. Its quaint texture and craftsmanship make it a star on the dinner table. It is glazed inside, making it easy to clean.

2. Microwave Oven Hanging Bracket and Storage Rack

No countertop space for your new microwave oven? This hanging bracket can create a space for your new kitchen gadget. It also adds storage space for your baking tools.

1. Non-Slip Tongs

Premium stainless steel tongs that are durable and reliable. With a groove design on the handle, they are comfortable to hold.

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