This Online Grocery Store Helps Eliminate Lining Up at Physical Stores

Some businesses run with the intention of gaining profit more than helping people, but that’s not how this online grocery store works.

Launched last April 1, two weeks after the announcement of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), Murabeshy opened its door to the public, virtually speaking. This young online grocery store located in Singalong, Manila seeks to give assistance to Filipinos who cannot go out to buy their groceries and other necessities by delivering them straight to their doorsteps.

You don’t need to endure the extremely long lines at physical groceries anymore; this is an especially big help for senior citizens, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), pregnant women, and technically everyone affected by the COVID-19 situation. Murabeshy lives by its tagline ‘Groceries made easy’

What does the hip word Murabeshy mean? As James Ervin Tatel or Jet, founder of Murabeshy, said in his interview in Social Media Academy, Mura comes from their products being affordable, while beshy means best friend. Murabeshy basically seeks to be people’s best friend when it comes to their grocery needs.” Cute and catchy, don’t you think?

They sell canned goods, milk, dairy and eggs, frozen meat and poultry, rice, snacks, beverages, noodles, cooking needs, personal needs, home care products, and medical supplies. Most known brands can be bought here. If you can’t find what you need, you can also send in your requests, so they can try and add it to their website.

Murabeshy delivers to Metro Manila and nearby provinces like Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, and Bulacan. After ordering, you can expect to get your goods 2-3 days after making your payment. You can also order any time of the day because they do not have delivery slots. Moreover, they do not have a shoppers’ fee to add to your total bill.

How to Order from Murabeshy

Just visit on any Internet-capable device. There, you will see their special promos (bundle packages), S&R and Landers products, and other essentials. Then, select your items, your desired quantity, and add the products to your cart. Make sure to check if all of the items you want to buy have been added to your cart. Once confirmed, click on the check-out button (if you have special instructions, there’s an empty message box below to indicate it). Take note that they have a P1,000 minimum purchase.

They will ask for your personal details afterwards, including your complete name, contact number, email address, and shipping address. Their payment methods include Cash on Delivery (COD), online bank transfer, and physical bank deposit. You must send your proof of payment via email. You can also ask for a specific delivery date through their Facebook page, email address, or mobile number.

Buying for Others

By browsing through their website, I found out that you can order certain items in bulk, as well, such as instant noodles and frozen chicken.

James Ervin Tatel, Murabeshy’s founder, delivering a bulk order to a relief goods center.

So, if you have relief efforts and have other products in mind, you can request them from Murabeshy. If you are a compassionate individual who would like to help someone, you can also send them groceries from this online store. Amazing, isn’t it? This is the time where Bayanihan is truly alive in our blood. 

Notable notes

Jet got his creative mind working when Metro Manila was still in its early weeks of quarantine and his main businesses were closed. He thought about his employees’ financial dilemma and turned the situation around by giving them support through a new business that caters to people who are stuck at home and can’t go shopping outside. He also shared that their core values are communication, care, and customer service. This is proven in their reviews.


When I last visited their Facebook page, they already had 3,000+ likes and a 5-star rating with high positive feedback from their satisfied customers of different economic statuses.

I think Murabeshy is not only fulfilling its goal in helping us; they also truly care about their internal customers. Life is really made easy with them around.




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