Mulan Actress Crystal Liu Reaffirms Support For Hong Kong Police

Disney Actress Crystal Liu, who is taking on the title role in Mulan, was recently involved in an international political controversy. The Chinese-American actress had declared her stance on the tumultuous Hong Kong protests in a re-shared Weibo post stating “I support Hong Kong’s police, you can beat me up now.” Calls for the movement to #BoycottMulan soon came after.

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With much of the international community and international human rights groups viewing the Hong Kong police as aggressors in the situation, netizens were immediately put off by Liu’s loyalties. Hong Kong protestors conceptualized the move to boycott the Disney film in theaters but the idea quickly gained steam. The hashtag #BoycottMulan trended internationally on Twitter, with netizens using different Facebook and Instagram pages to discuss it as well.

Despite the overwhelmingly negative reception to the actress’ comments Disney has been silent on the situation. Liu, however, followed up her infamous Weibo post with another that only strengthens her views. She posted an updated which reads: “If you are not likeminded, then leave.” It ended with a smiley emoji and was taken by many as a response to her critics.

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Netizens were shocked that an actress portraying a character who so boldly embraces freedom would adopt such views. Yet the practice of big-time stars expressing Chinese nationalist sentiment is actually the norm right now. A slew of other actors, musicians, and directors have similarly professed their backing of the Hong Kong police.

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