MTD Dermamedics Ready to Serve Your Facial and Body Needs

MTD Dermamedics Ready to Serve Your Facial and Body Needs 

With the hustle and bustle of urban life in Manila, you might be searching for a convenient and satisfying clinic that will suit all of your facial and body needs. Good thing for those who live down South, MTD Dermamedics is here to serve your needs.

Located at the sprawling Madrigal Business Center, MTD Dermamedics offers face treatments that range from Basic Facials (P499) that last for about 60 minutes to more complex ones such as Derma E-Light Facials (P1199) that last for about 90 minutes. Their acne treatments, on the other hand, range from P999 per treatment to P3,499 for a package of three treatments.

MTD Dermamedics

Their body treatments include Radio Frequency Treatments, IPL Treatments, body scrubs and body massages where their body massage treatments range from signature massages (p480) to specialized messages such as their G5 slimming massage (P880). They also have doctor procedures available. MTD Dermamedics‘ treatments are assisted by their resident dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Maria Theresa D. Doria, who has been an experienced skin, body and vein therapist for more than 12 years now.

I was privileged to try out two of their treatments: the signature massage and dermalift facial. As I entered the clinic, I was warmly greeted by their staff and was asked to fill up a client information sheet seeing as it was my first time there. After that, I was escorted to the massage room for the first treatment. 

 MTD Dermamedics

The massage session started with some stretching and a dry massage. What makes their massage session quite unique from other spas that I have tried is that they use different kind of oils for specific parts of the body. In my case, they used menthol oil for my shoulders to ease tension, slimming oil for my tummy, and signature oil for the rest of my body. Their massage also involves a bit of reflexology and chiropractic techniques, which I really like. Since I am a dancer and thus use my body a lot, this is exactly the kind of massage that I needed. The room smelled great, too, and I almost felt like sleeping because it was so relaxing. The session was capped off with placing powder afterwards, except for the tummy area.

They also have specialised massages, such as slimming massages, lymphatic drainage massages, volcanic stone massages and vents massages, all of which cost P880. Group packages are also available at P5,000 and are good for 12 people for a 70-minute massage session.

MTD Dermamedics

After my massage session, I was ushered to the facial room. I was offered hot chamomile tea with honey while waiting. The facial session started with deep cleansing followed by exfoliating and extraction similar to the basic facial. However, except for the mask, it used Radio Frequency Stimulation instead to tighten the skin and reduce sagging. 

 After the facial session, my face felt tighter and didn’t look like it was swollen at all. My face looked perfectly fine and there wasn’t much redness found on it, either. My body felt so relieved from the massage overall. MTD Dermamedics’ treatments are reasonably priced compared to the more popular facial salons in the country, as well, though they provide the same quality. They have an accommodating staff and superb facilities, as well.

MTD Dermamedics

So, when down South, don’t forget to pass by MTD Dermamedics for your facial and body needs. You will surely feel like a VIP here because they prefer to book their clients instead of having them walk in. This way, you can avoid the hassle of waiting for your turn. It is highly encouraged that you arrive on the time that you booked, as well, because they won’t be accepting any clients at that specific time unless there are free slots. Superb service. Balue for money and exclusivity. MTD Dermamedics is the place for you!

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Dining experience courtesy of Groupon Philippines.

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Unit 101 Southgate Building, Finance Drive, Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang,Muntinlupa City

(02) 836-4643 / 0923- 212-5241



MTD Dermamedics Ready to Serve Your Facial and Body Needs


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