Ms Maria and Mr Singh Bangkok May Be the Most Festive Restaurant in Town

Ambiance? Check. Service? Check. Food? Check with flying colors. Welcome to Ms Maria and Mr Singh Bangkok.

Hailed as the 35th Best Restaurant in Asia, this Mexican-Indian fine-casual dining restaurant in Bangkok is becoming Bangkokians’ go-to place for get-together dinners. The overall experience is one festive party that celebrates unforgettable gastronomy in the most vibrant way possible.

No need to search where to celebrate birthdaysin Bangkok. This is the place!

Photo: @wiminthailand | No need to search where to celebrate birthdays in Bangkok. This is the place!

Read on for more details!

The theme and inspiration

Cute, homey restaurant in Bangkok.

Photo: @wiminthailand | Cute, homey restaurant in Bangkok.

At Ms Maria and Mr Singh Bangkok, you can expect what they call a “fantasy cuisine.” It stems from the semi-fictional love story between a Mexican girl, Ms. Maria, and an Indian boy, Mr. Singh.

This may-be-or-may-be-not-real affair inspired the marriage of home-style Mexican and Indian cooking of the restaurant. It fuses flavors and traditions together beautifully, rousing bold flavors, colors, and even smells that defy the norms—just like true love.

All of these are homed in a lovely, colorful dining room from the cities of Oaxaca, Mexico, and Jodhpur, India while supported with a playful ambiance.

They have the Chef’s Table where you can freely watch the talented chefs cook delectable dishes in front of you. Bigger groups (4 pax and above) can also opt to enjoy the Booth Seats for that cozy setting akin to an intimate dinner with loved ones.

The food and drinks

Every dish that they serve here packs a punch—visually and gustatory. Led by Chef Hernán Crispín Villalva and Chef Roshan Kumar, Ms Maria and Mr Singh Bangkok brings to life the restaurant’s very own persona by reinventing classic Indian and Mexican meals and combining them to perfection.

The menu itself is fun. It’s segmented into different categories such as “Love at First Bite,” “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing,” “Up in Maria’s Grill,” and “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.”

“Love at First Bite” contains bite-size appetizers that are small but terribly good. The Papdi Chaat (THB 300/2pcs.) is a prime example. This (literally) explodes in your mouth with creamy yogurt goodness as you bite into the crispy papdi topped with tamarind and pomegranate.

Papdi Chaat (THB 300/2pcs.)

Photo: @wiminthailand | Papdi Chaat (THB 300/2pcs.)

“I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” has their best-sellers. The Sampanada (THB 320) is truly a must-try with its yummy, savory filling paired with the incredible mango salsa. On the other hand, “Up in Maria’s Grill” has dishes right up Ms. Maria’s alley: Mexican food. 

Sampanada (THB 320)

Photo: @wiminthailand | Sampanada (THB 320)

Nice meals all come to an end. “Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, la-la how their life goes on,” as The Beatles (maybe the couple’s favorite band?) would say. This is the dessert section, and the Tres Leches Pistachio and Rose (THB 380) is a good one. The combination of the nutty and floral just works and floats like dreamy notes in the soft, milky sponge cake.

Don't forget to pair these goodies with your favorite sips.

Photo: @wiminthailand | Don’t forget to pair these goodies with your favorite sips.

The service

Of course, the festiveness translates to their staff and their warm hospitality, too. This makes the overall dining experience at Ms Maria and Mr Singh Bangkok 100x better, which makes it a fun restaurant in Bangkok for special occasions.

Sitting by the Chef's Table allows you to engage with the chef directly.

Photo: @wiminthailand | Sitting by the Chef’s Table allows you to engage with the chef directly.

Whether it’s a birthday party, quick catch-up with friends, or even a fancy date night, it’s the ideal venue for a guaranteed good time. The chefs at the Chef’s Table are fun to talk to and the staff are all attentive and always smiling.

What are you waiting for? Experience Ms. Maria and Mr Singh Bangkok and fall in love with what they have to offer and more.

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