Ms. Earth 2014 Contestants Converge at The Aristocrat for one Amazing Evening

Ms-Earth-Contestants-in-Aristocrat-When-In-Manila-6Ms. Earth 2014 Contestants Converge at The Aristocrat for one Amazing Evening


Before we begin, I want to ask you this question: “What’s better than eating Chicken Barbecue at The Aristocrat on a Saturday Night?” Meeting the Miss Earth 2014 Delegates at the same restaurant, of course!


Ms-Earth-Contestants-in-Aristocrat-When-In-Manila-2Ms. Earth 2014 contestants at Aristocrat


That’s right, the Ms. Earth 2014 candidates dropped by The Aristocrat in Jupiter St. Makati and it was one for the books. We were part of the lucky few to meet and greet these lovely candidates. You got to admit that it’s not everyday that a group of women who are a combination of brains and beauty randomly enter the restaurant on a  Saturday night.

Some of the sexy Ms. Earth candidates taking photos with the customers and the famous desserts from the Aristocrat bakeshop, YUM-O! 😀
We approached some of the contestants that night and asked them some ‘hard-hitting’ questions. You could be that these gorgeous ladies were ready to answer our challenging questions about the competition and other issues.
Ms. France
Ms-Earth-Contestants-in-Aristocrat-When-In-Manila-South-AfricaMs. South Africa

What do think are your chances in winning Miss Earth?


Egypt: All of us are unique, we are all beautiful so I’m not really sure of the chances. Even so, I’m hoping that I could win! 🙂


Italy: I could win, because I believe I have the HEART, the PASSION, the POWER to do help change the Earth and prepare it for a brighter future. 🙂


South Africa: As a person, I’m independent, friendly, approachable; I’m really interested in the different cultures of the world. With that, I take care of the people around the world and the planet everyday; that is what I think can help me win! 🙂


Croatia: I’m special, I’m different, I’m unique, I love nature! I grew up in a place where there is so little technology and had nature instead to keep me occupied. One has to LOVE everything in order to be strong! I think that I will win this! 


Chinese Taipei: Well, we’ll see in the coronation night, haha! 😀


Ms-Earth-Contestants-in-Aristocrat-When-In-Manila-Croatia Ms. Croatia


Ms-Earth-Contestants-in-Aristocrat-When-In-Manila-EgyptMs. Egypt


What’s the first thing you’ll do if you are crowned Miss Earth?

France: Expose the beauty of women worldwide 


Paksitan: It’ll be an honor to win since it will be the first time in Ms. Earth history that Ms. Pakistan will take the crown. I’ll make sure to work hard and champion the conservation of our earth


South Africa: Inspire the world, voice out, inform the world on how to take care of the environment

Slovenia: I would love to pursue and continue the legacy of the current Ms. Earth and travel the world to express my ideas on environmental conservation. My main focus will be on Nature and Animal Protection.


USA: I will protect and preserve national parks around the world


Samoa: My plan would be to focus on the issue of carbon emission and start from the individual level. Basically I’d like to zone in from the grass roots area because every individual has can be a huge impact on how we can lessen the carbon emissions on our planet.


Croatia: Solve the world problems, teach people to do the right and not the wrong things affecting the environment
Chinese Taipei: Help my country
Ecuador: Teach the world to eat organic so they can appreciate nature more! 
Now the next question really caught most of the Miss Earth contestants off guard and got them thinking (May I interject and say with emphasis that it REALLY got them thinking. Carry on, Earl – Martin)
Ms. Korea
Ms-Earth-Contestants-in-Aristocrat-When-In-Manila-Chinese-TaipeiMs. Chinese Taipei

If you were to chose, who would you want to date: George Clooney or Adam Levine?  


Ms. Croatia, Ecuador, Egypt, USA, Korea, Samoa, Slovenia, Slovakia, Pakistan and Tonga picked Adam Levine while Ms. Italy, France, South Africa, and Chinese Taipei chose George Clooney. The contestants really had a fun time answering this ‘tough’ question that night.
Ms-Earth-Contestants-in-Aristocrat-When-In-Manila-PakistanMs. Pakistan taking a selfie with the Aristocrat Logo behind her
Ms-Earth-Contestants-in-Aristocrat-When-In-Manila-ColombiaPosing w/ Ms. Colombia
Finally, since both Martin and myself are ‘frustrated foodies’, this was the final hard hitting question we asked to these alluring ladies:

What is your favorite Aristocrat dish?

The Chicken Barbecue of Aristocrat won by a landslide, followed by Sotanghon Guisado. Yep, it just proves that when it comes to Chicken Barbecue, nothing beats Aristocrat! The desserts were also a huge hit for the contestants, especially the carrot and chocolate cakes that were served that night. The contestants loved the food in general, with Ms. Slovenia adding that the she felt that the food was cooked ‘with love’. I couldn’t agree more.
The night ended with a lot of laughs, as everyone had enjoyed each others’ acquaintances and our tummies filled with delicious food! “All’s well that ends well”, as they say! On a side-note, I managed to climb aboard the delegates’ bus service to have my picture taken with Miss Egypt. Why do you ask? Because she’s the only Beauty Queen that I know who’s dying to eat some chicken joy from Jollibee! Yeah, I’m practically in love with her right now.
Ms-Earth-Contestants-in-Aristocrat-When-In-Manila-food-1The wonderful spread for that night’s dinner @ The Aristocrat Restaurant
Ms-Earth-Contestants-in-Aristocrat-When-In-Manila-5With Mrs. Maryjo of The Aristocrat
Special thanks to Mrs. Maryjo Feraren and the rest of crew at the Aristocrat Restaurant, Jupiter st., Makati branch for the amazing food! Also we’d like to say a big thank you to the people from Carousel Productions, Inc for bringing in the Ms. Earth Contestants. Finally, we would like to give out a HUGE thank you to the lovely Ms. Earth 2014 Contestants who dropped by Aristocrat and gave us the opportunity to be part of the meet and greet. The 2014 Miss Earth Pageant will hold its coronation night on November 29th, at the UP Theater, Diliman, Quezon City. Live telecast of this event will be available on TFC and ABS-CBN. For ticket inquiries, call 724-1810, 724-1820, or 724-1830.


When in Manila, make sure to spot these group of smart, talented and beautiful ladies who are vying for the title of Ms. Earth!


This is the Earlster, signing off!


Written by: Earl Manga

Edited by: Martin Vicencio

WIM Photos by: Earl Manga and Martin Vicencio



The Aristocrat Restaurant

Address: 146 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air Village, Makati City

Contact No.: 895-0101 / 895-0725





Ms. Earth 2014 Contestants Converge at The Aristocrat for one Amazing Evening