Jollibee Floats New Flavors: Coffee Float or Chocolate Float

Jollibee Floats






When In Manila, there are some decisions that will be too tough for just one person to answer. Thankfully, you have friends who can help you when you need it.


Recently, I was invited for a taste test of the newest Jollibee solution for the summer, something to help you beat the heat. It’s the new Jollibee Floats!




Chico, Saab and Vince at Jollibee. Photo by Saab Magalona of






The Jollibee Floats are absolute heat beaters with an iced down drink topped with soft serve ice cream for the ultimate chilled out flavors.





I go to try the two newest flavors, Jollibee Coffee Float and Jollibee Chocolate Float. 


New Jollibee Floats Coffee Float or Chocolate Float (1)New Jollibee Floats Coffee Float or Chocolate Float (2)

 Jollibee Floats New Flavors: Coffee Float or Chocolate Float



Of course, they both tasted great, especially while staring out into the summer glare, but when faced with the question of which one I would prefer… that was the tough part.


I initially leaned towards coffee first, but this was further confirmed with the peer agreement. I was at a table with bloggers / celebrities Chico Garcia of and Shen Gee of and we all agreed that Coffee was the more preferred flavor… or was it? 






We toasted to the occasion and to the mutually favorable decision, claiming our victory and dubbing ourselves food tasting experts… until our good friend and gracious host passed by our table and mentioned to us that the “younger” kids prefer the Jollibee Chocolate Float flavor and that it might be an age thing.


At that point, our other friend, the young Saab Magalona of gestured that she indeed liked the Jollibee Chocolate Float flavor better.






It was at this point that my table had a moment of silence…. and then we universally changed our answers, gleefully proclaiming that we too were not old farts and that we too prefer the Jollibee Chocolate Float over the Jollibee Coffee Float.


When In Manila, how about you? Which Jollibee Float flavor do you prefer to beat the heat?




Jollibee Floats: Coffee Float or Chocolate Float