Mozaic Living + Caffeined: Hitting Home with Coffee

Coffee is where it’s at and it’s the only forever that many of us could ever hold onto. Thankfully, inside Mozaic Living is a delightful little secret that lets their customers experience coffee and home like never before. Caffeined, the furniture store’s new cafe, lets its customers have a feel for their home while feeling at home.

The whole idea behind Caffeined was to feature the furniture that Mozaic Living’s selling, and let potential clients experience how each piece could actually fit into their lives. Fret not, though, if you’re not looking to buy furniture. Caffeined is actually open to everyone, whether you’re looking to buy a sofa or just want to have a sip of some hella good coffee.



Everything in the store and the cafe, from the furniture to the coffee beans, are locally made. The coffee beans hail all the way from Bukidnon, while the chocolate come from Malagos, Davao. And, I just have to say that the cafe does a wonderful job of showing off the wonders of our local products. The best part? Our team had the pleasure of trying everything on their menu!


First off was the classic Espresso (P120).  The espresso was really strong –  something that those who like their coffee as black as their soul would really enjoy. Dare I say, it’s even a contender for the infamous Kapeng Barako. (A treacherous claim, I know – especially considering that I’m part Batanguena. Sorry.)


Then, there’s their Cordato (P160). Don’t be intimidated – that’s just the fancy name for half espresso, half milk. This was another one for the coffee lovers, but a little less strong, a little less bitter. A little less like your ex.


Don’t mistake this one for their Cappuccino, though. The Cappuccino (P160) is milkier, and a bit milder than the cordato. It’s a little more for everyone.


After that was the Affogato (P200). This one is something for those who like a little something sweet to play up the bitter. It’s an espresso shot served with macapuno ice cream. Of course the macapuno ice cream is also locally made, and God bless the soul that made it.


Then, there was my favorite drink of the entire menu. I swear, I could not put this drink down. Caffeined’s Iced Mocha (P150) is something that would please coffee lovers and non-coffee lovers alike. I could sing sonnets about this drink. It tastes like the best kind of non-alcoholic alcohol I’ve ever drank. It has bits of dark chocolate ganache in it, and the bitterness of the dark chocolate swoops into the biting taste of the coffee that prevents either from full on hitting you. It’s just there, at the tip of your tongue, two wonderful flavors of bitterness backfiring against each other and painting rum-like colors in your tongue.

Caffeined had more than coffee, though, and their sweets were just as great.

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