[Movie] Afternoon Delight: A Woman’s Journey to Sexual Awakening

When in Manila, we found out that “Afternoon Delight” is a good cure for boredom. 

At least for Rachel, a successful mom with such a loving husband who invents applications (oh imagine him always staring at his phone!), adorable kid (who doesn’t like his backpack) and fun, supportive friends (who you can trust to like your Facebook status message and picture!). However, reality kicks in as she ponders on her lackluster sex life… and we followed her journey to sexual awakening.

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Rachel is a character of the new sex comedy film, Afternoon Delight, played by Katherine Hahn, who recently played a proper mom in the movie, We’re the Millers with Jennifer Aniston. Boredom and curiosity pushed her to visit a strip club where she was given a lap dance by McKenna (played by Juno Temple – 2013’s winner of the BAFTA Rising Star Award, the only award to be voted for by the public). Things then suddenly changed. 

Aside from the usual visit to her rather self-centered shrink, Rachel started seeing McKenna in the coffee kiosk where they talk about life. She later on adopted her and brought her to her house, where McKenna works as a nanny. Rachel having a good heart, tries to convince McKenna to leave the crazy life, and probably start doing other things – like blogging (?);  but McKenna being the proud sex-worker that she is with regular customers who pay well – it might be a little too hard for Rachel to convert her.

Will you take her home as a nanny? 



Then more things happened and changed. 

Rachel‘s kind gesture to take home McKenna led to series of events that made her realize things – the long journey might be shocking (for her and the audience!), but it is the very experience that brought Rachel to find happiness and sexual delight.  




My Thoughts:

Fun, sexy, and shocking. Part of the shocking moments is seeing that you can actually be too comfortable with your partner once you are married. Or maybe not – like having awkward moments in the bedroom. 

Script is witty, timely and natural. This movie has a good cast that they are so convincing especially Juno Temple. I like how the movie shows that no matter how socially unacceptable one’s job is,  it doesn’t define the person. Juno’s character is sweet, caring and affectionate. Can I say she is passionate about her job too?

I am giving Josh Radnor‘s character (Rachel‘s husband – Jeff) a thumbs up, who even if faced in a tempting situation (and all he needed to do is dive), still remained loyal and respectful. How many likes for Josh?

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It is a bit sad though how the film highlights how women usually take the blame of failed relationships, thinking that most are because of her flaws, short-comings and dreams. 

I find  Rachel‘s journey quite confusing in the movie (was she turned on, disgusted, disoriented?), but in the end. the film clearly shows how through McKenna,  Rachel discovered the one thing that she needed –  how to let go, and just enjoy the ride. 


Now, let’s hear it from a Guy:

Review by Ralph Jacob

I liked the performances, especially  from the the wife and the stripper. It was so natural and takes no effort from the viewer to believe in their characters. I can say the same for the rest of the cast but since the wife and and stripper are the main leads, props to them for an awesome job. I get no sense of vanity from the actors at all – which i think is important in making a portrayed character believable. What i mean is, if an actor’s vanity gets in the way, they become self-conscious and that affects the authenticity of their performances.

I liked the story’s honesty and candid scrutiny of the characters’ lives. It doesn’t try to glamorize the theme -which is refreshing given the generation of films we’re constantly sold these days. That said, I was a bit uncomfortable with the lecture-y ending, with the wife taking the brunt of the blame from everyone. The intercourse in question happened between two adults, one a married man and the other an unapologetic sex worker who seems to be quite proud of her profession-by-choice actually. Both knew what they were getting into and were, by the way, accompanied by 3 other adults who did not do anything about it. Whether this was part of the story’s ‘candid’ and unartificial approach, it still does leave a slightly sour aftertaste.


Watch the movie and join Rachel to her sexual journey. 



Just please, keep your eyes open until the climax of the movie. 



 Afternoon Delight is Rated R-16. 

Opens in cinemas on December 11, 2013

by Axinite Digicinema, Inc.


[Movie] Afternoon Delight: A Woman’s Journey to Sexual Awakening