The Most Useful Travel Apps for Trips Around Asia

Traveling has always been a fulfilling pastime; but thanks to technology, how we travel has significantly improved. Thanks to today’s apps, we can now enjoy traveling with more convenience while saving time and even money. Here are some of the most useful travel apps you need to have on your devices for all of your upcoming trips around Asia.


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Most Useful Travel Apps for Trips Around Asia

Car-Hailing Apps


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A car-hailing app is probably one of the most useful travel apps you need to download. After all, why would you wait around in the heat or the cold and attempt to hail a cab when you can get a ride from somewhere comfortable and ensure you know the exact price that you need to pay for before you get into the vehicle? As such, before heading to your destination of choice, make sure to find out which car-hailing apps are most prevalent in the country. Then, download it, set it up before you even get there!

Google Maps

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If the weather is looking good and you’re ready with your comfy shoes, then Google Maps would be your best travel companion. With it, you can figure how to get to your next destination. It also makes for good exercise and you might even discover great finds and beautiful sights along the way.

Google Translate

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Want to learn a new word or two, or easily understand signs? Google Translate will prove to be a huge help in this department. Not only will it translate road signs for you but you can even use it when you go shopping or when conversing with locals to make your experience that much more convenient.


QR Code Payment

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One of our newest discoveries and favorite finds in terms of useful travel apps is GCash. In case you didn’t know yet, you can now use GCash when traveling abroad, enabled by Alipay+.   For those who love to go cashless, this is definitely one of the most useful travel apps to have nowadays.

I’m not big on carrying around cash so this is a godsend for me. I find it so useful since I no longer have to carry a lot of cash with me on my trips around Asia. Plus, I end up saving a lot of money in the event that I do need to get money exchanged. I also discover a lot of great deals and fun promotions that I normally wouldn’t have known about.

What’s more, since I already use GCash here in the Philippines, I no longer need to worry about learning how to use an unfamiliar app. It feels familiar and makes me feel at home even when I go on trips around Asia. Here’s how to use GCash overseas:

How to Use GCash for Your Next Trip Abroad

  • Before going on your trip, make sure to calculate your expected expenses and top up your e-wallet as needed.
  • Consider booking your tickets and accommodations through Agoda. As one of Alipay+’s partnering merchants, Agoda allows you to use GCash to pay for your bookings before you arrive, making your travel experience smoother and more convenient.
  • Once at your destination, look for the Alipay+ sign at partner merchants so you can pay via the GCash app.
  • Log into your GCash app as usual and select the QR or PayQR button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Scan the merchant’s QR code or tap “Pay Abroad with Alipay+” and have the merchant scan your generated QR.
  • Double-check the amount and click Pay to see the receipt. It’s that easy!

Alipay+ is currently available at more than 250 million merchants globally, especially widely covered in Japan, South Korea, and Singapore – prime Asian destinations for travel any time of the year! 

So, if you plan on traveling around Asia soon, make sure to download GCash to make your trips around Asia more convenient!

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