LOOK: Some of the Most Unforgettable Cosplayers We Spotted at AsiaPOP Comicon 2018

Aside from all of the fun interactive booths, the ultra cool shopping finds, and the unforgettable encounters with celebrities at the AsiaPOP Comicon 2018 last weekend, there was another thing that we absolutely looked forward to: seeing what kind of costumes this year’s con goers would be able to come up with.

There were a LOT – that goes without saying, including an entire MASSIVE group of people dressed as Boku No Hero Academia (but more on that in another article). Here are some of the most unforgettable ones that we spotted. If in case you find your picture here without your name on it, please do send When in Manila Angeline a message on Facebook, so we can add your name to your awesome photo! đŸ˜€

Babysitter Steve Dustin

Edgar Antioquia and Kim Breta as Babysitter Steve and Dustin from Stranger Things (Photo from Seb Calaguas)

Leon Chiro

JOESTARSCREAM as Jotaro Kujo and Leon Chiro as Joseph Joestar(Photo from Isabella Miranda)

Yuna Rikku

FoxRots as Yuna and Dinny Grayson as Rikku (Photo from Seb Calaguas)

Skye Lockhart Venom Gwen

Skye Lockhart as Venom Gwen

Archie Andrews

Archie Andrews (Photo from Niche Dumlao)

Fred Lo as Iron Fist

Fred Lo as Iron Fist (Photo by Sam Chan)

Jedi Disney Princesses

The We Gone Geek girls as Jedi Disney Princesses


Fumikage Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow

MG 0229

The Most Fierce Spidey We’ve Ever Seen (Photo by Motec Migallen)

Chun Li

Chun Li (Photo from Niche Dumlao)

Omar Yabut Hudson Storm

Omar Yabut Hudson as Storm

Myke Dela Paz Matt Murdock

Myke Dela Paz as Matt Murdock (Photo by Michael Francis Rafael)


Anne Patricia Rubinas as Sadness (Photo from Seb Calaguas)



Ingenium Sean Price

Sean Price as Ingenium

Star Lord


Dead Gamora

Nikki Roque as Gamora (Photo by Patricia Corpus)

@KinoKaoru and his daughter as Thanos and Baby Gamora

Who were the most unforgettable cosplayers that you spotted at AsiaPOP Comicon this year? Share more photos with us! đŸ˜€