The Morning After: A Taste of Breakfasts of the World

Breakfasts of the World at The Morning After (8)

Longganisa Burger, Php355

They’ve come up with a recipe for the Filipino staple food longganisa – the Longganisa Burger. The longganisa is home-made and thus, does not include any saltpeter (salitre) for a healthier version. Its sauce kinda resembles barbeque sauce but is tangier and sweeter. In the middle, you’ll find white cheese (kesong puti) for added taste. It’s paired with thrice-cooked but oil-free French fries and served with Japanese mayo and coleslaw which makes the meal more enticing. The Longganisa Burger is one of their best-sellers and is now my personal favorite!

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Chinese Chicken Salad with Red Chili Peanut Dressing, Php370

For the health-conscious, try their Chinese Chicken Salad cooked Asian style with crispy vermicelli noodles and fresh vegetables and topped with grilled chicken served with a sweet sauce.

Classic Filipino Favorites

Although they serve breakfasts of the world, you shouldn’t dare miss their classic Filipino breakfast meals, such as the Breakfast Bagnet and the Beef Salpicao. All Filipino breakfasts are served with two eggs of your choice (scrambled or sunny side up), rice (steamed or garlic) and vegetable ensalada. The cucumber radish will definitely spice up your meal.

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Breakfast Bagnet, Php330

Their Breakfast Bagnet is the crispy original bagnet that comes all the way from Vigan, Ilocos Sur. Make sure to dip the bagnet in the chimuchurri sauce (a green sauce which originates from Argentina) for a different Ilokano food experience.

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Beef Salpicao, Php325

The Beef Salpicao, which is usually shredded, is perfectly cut into tender cubes for this dish.  It also has red wine and is smothered in garlic for added taste.


Research says that chocolate triggers the release of endorphins – the chemicals that make us feel good and happy. For dessert, I tried their newest Sticky Toffee Pudding and Campfire.

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Sticky Toffee Pudding, Php155

The Sticky Toffee Pudding is soft, smooth and tastes really great. It’s served with hot sticky toffee sauce which takes the dessert to the next level. You’ve probably noticed the blue garnish on top of the other meals, as well. It’s actually an edible flower that their Executive Chef grows in his garden.

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Campfire, Php185

The Campfire is their version of S’mores cake in a jar. It’s best to scoop from the bottom so you can taste the trio goodness of crushed graham crackers, chocolate cake, and torched marshmallow in one bite.

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Photo Courtesy of Carlo Oliva

Indeed, breakfast is a meal that should not be skipped because it helps us start the day right and gives us enough energy throughout the day. Of course, it’s also a gratifying meal to reward oneself with after fulfilling another experience, though. Visit The Morning After and get the best all-day breakfast experience possible.

Tip: The owners plan on introducing two new dishes to add to their menu every month. So, when you plan to visit next month, don’t forget to order their newest dish.

The Morning After

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