Morgan’s Inasal: Authentic Bacolod Inasal with Original Chicken Oil

In these times when food delivery and online food brands have become the #NewNormal, it has become crucial that the food items we get are still fresh. There are times when the food quality isn’t at its best because of the time spent before and during deliveries. Still, even with this problem a lot of online businesses have risen above this.

They’ve been able to maintain the freshness of their products up until it gets to the consumer’s table. This is what Morgan’s Inasal takes pride in.

Morgan’s Inasal is a start-up online food business that was started in the midst of the community lockdown. As households all over the Metro began to sell their homemade goods, Candy Rivera hopped on the bandwagon and offered their own specialties: the Bacolod chicken inasal. Being from Bacolod, Candy has perfected her recipe for chicken inasal using traditional cooking methods while adding their own tweaks for a more flavorful food experience.


Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

What we love about Morgan’s Inasal is that they deliver the chicken straight off the grill, ensuring the juiciness and delicious flavor of the meat. And yes, it really is still hot when it arrives.

Morgan’s Inasal really brings excellent food experience straight to your homes. Their chicken inasal also comes with their own chicken oil! Yes, you can get bottles and bottles of chicken oil. It’s the perfect addition to steaming white rice paired with their tender and juicy chicken.


Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

They have two variants of their chicken oil: the regular, and the spicy for a little extra kick to your meals.

Aside from their authentic chicken inasal, they also offer slabs of tuna belly inasal for those who enjoy seafood a bit more. Each slab is approximately 500 grams—best for sharing (or for one person with a whole lot of rice; we won’t judge!).

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We really love the quality of the products that Morgan’s Inasal offers. You can definitely taste the freshness and the excellence in cooking their inasal. Pair it up with their chicken oil and you’ve got a delicious restaurant-quality meal at home without any effort!


Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

They’re currently offering 50% the delivery fee for one tray of chicken inasal (or 6 pieces). If you want to try Morgan’s Inasal for FREE, we’re running a giveaway until July 17, 2020! Find out how you can join here.

Morgan’s Inasal