Labors of love: 10 Tastiest Filipino dishes delivered right on your doorstep

Craving for some Filipino dishes but you’re not in the mood to cook? Fret not because we’ve got you covered.

Listed here are some of the tastiest Filipino dishes that you can get delivered right on your doorstep.

So, if you’re hungry for something familiar and homey but can’t push yourself to do the dirty work in the kitchen, here are some places you can check out to satiate those cravings.

10. Mang Rolly’s

Mang Rolly’s is a start-up online business offering Ilonggo-style lechon manok and the first of its kind, creamy pork lumpia with enoki mushroom bits. It is currently being managed by five siblings with the sole purpose of finally sharing their family’s well-kept secret, a 50-year old lechon manok recipe of their father, Rolando, hence Mang Rolly’s.

There were plans in the past to start a business but the owners have their day jobs. It was the months of lockdown that gave them the time we needed to finally push through with the business.

delivery filipino food mang rollys lechon manok

Mang Rolly’s Lechon Manok

The 50-year old secret recipe for lechon manok is a classic. It’s a simple roasted chicken recipe with a bit of a twist that makes it truly Ilonggo. It’s infused with local herbs and masterfully glazed to perfection by people who have been doing this for years, ever since our childhood in fact. Through years and years of experience, there is a technique employed that makes the chicken savory, juicy, and fall-off-the-bone tender hence the tagline, “Sa Kanamit, Extra Rice Please!” Extra rice is inevitable with this one. It is also keto-friendly.

delivery filipino food mang rollys creamy pork lumpia

Mang Rolly’s Creamy Pork Lumpia

Not to be outdone, the creamy pork lumpia with enoki bits is also an original recipe of the family, this time from the eldest daughter. It’s a different take on a popular Pinoy dish because it is cooked in a special cream sauce; add enoki mushroom and cheese; and you get all that savory, melt in your mouth, goodness wrapped in one. In contrast to the lechon manok, it is not keto-friendly, just guilt-free because it’s that good.

So, if your looking for a healthy savory meal, the lechon manok is highly recommended. However, it might be difficult not to have extra rice with it. If you want to indulge, go for the lumpia. Or why not have both, right?

9. Daniel’s Specialty Food

delivery filipino food daniels specialty food beef caldereta

Daniel’s Specialty Food Beef Caldereta

Food delivery in Pasig, Daniel’s Specialty Food is popular for its tasty and cheesy beef caldereta. Every bite can easily transport you back home. The tender meat is packed with juices and is proof that a lot of time and effort has been poured on every serving of calderata.

8. Sta. Clara’s Grilled Inihaw

Opened in 2001, Sta. Clara is a well-established food joint in Sampaloc, Manila. It is located near UST so most of its customers are students from the said university or from the U-belt.

Right now, with schools closed, Sta. Clara does packed meals for bulk orders. They continue to serve their specialty ihaw-ihaw and other lutong bahay meals. Their specialty ihaw-ihaw include Pork Liempo, Chicken Barbecue, & Pork BBQ.

delivery filipino food sta clara pork liempo

Sta. Clara’s Grilled Pork Liempo

delivery filipino food sta clara grilled chicken

Sta. Clara’s Grilled Chicken

What makes their food truly stand out is their special sauce. It is a concoction of sweet and salty, creating a perfect balance that goes well with the meat. Their sauce is known to be a customer favorite.

With the current condition we are in, Sta. Clara’s is operating for online orders.

7. Comida Vida

Comida Vida opened in November 2018. Initially, they served cookies and snacks for delivery. Then, they evolved and created their first signature desserts which are the Tinapa Cheesesticks and Chicharon Cheesecake. The Tinapa Cheesesticks was conceptualized by their Head Chef, Jose Pargas during a school exercise and because of the good feedback he received from his classmates and Chef Instructor, Comida Vida decided to add it as one of their first signature snacks.

delivery filipino food Comida Vida Tinapa Cheesesticks

The Chicharon Cheesecake was an idea by the head chef executed by pastry chef (Patrice Pargas) using the saltiness of Chicharon to balance out the sweetness of the cheesecake. The very first version of the Cheesecake had a kesong puti base, but since it was too rich and heavy, they decided to change the method and used Japanese (Cotton Cheesecake) as base instead. It was introduced first to friends and relatives for delivery and eventually went into bazaars along with the Tinapa Cheesesticks as their constant menu offerings.

delivery filipino food Comida Vida Chicharon Cheesecake

Comida Vida Chicharon Cheesecake

In addition to these desserts, Comida Vida grew its menu by adding items such as Paellang Taal (Adobong dilaw made into a Paella), Breakfast Sausage Egg Parmesan Rice (their version of the Longanisa Breakfast), Lemon Garlic Pasta, and Pansit Pares.

delivery filipino food Comida Vida Pansit Pares

Comida Vida Pansit Pares

Comida Vida’s Pansit Pares is a must-try. It was the marriage of pansit and pares, and it just works. The dish was created by Sous Chef Joy Saludes. She was cooking pansit and then she suddenly craved for pares. So, she combined the best of both.

6. Cuchara Homemade

Cuchara Homemade is a small start-up family business that was concocted in 2019, a little while before the pandemic. Although it is new, it is the first time the family dove into the food business.

Way back in 2006, the family opened a catering service which was named “Lady chef.” Generally, the operations were overseen by the parents of the owners of CUCHARA. Although Lady Chef grew drastically, the business was paused when their Mama was diagnosed with diabetes. After a while, the operation of Lady Chef went to a full stop and it eventually perished.

In 2019, the family had an idea to start and open a new food service business but didn’t know where to start or what to call it. Suddenly, out of nowhere, one of the sisters in the family came up with the name Cuchara.

The reason behind the name Cuchara is because it’s the first thing we ask for if we need to taste something. “May kutsara ba?” “May serving spoon ba?” “Penge po ng spoon” These are the questions we hear almost anywhere when food is involved. So, they thought why not? It does make sense, we all need cuchara!

Their only hope is that everyone will enjoy every cuchara of their dishes.

Here are some of their bestsellers.

Cuchara Homemade Roast beef 1

Cuchara Homemade Roast Beef

Cuchara Homemade Garlic wings

Cuchara Homemade Garlic Chicken Wings

Cuchara Homemade Kinilaw na Kambing

Cuchara Homemade Kinilaw

Cuchara Homemade Empanada

Cuchara Homemade Empanada

5. Arriba Inasal

According to Armand, the genius behind Arriba Inasal, “Growing up in an Ilonggo household, Chicken Inasal has always been a staple in family gatherings. As a fan of Filipino cuisine and having been exposed to the food industry for years, this idea started even way before the pandemic. Since there are very few brands that offer whole chicken with Inasal style flavor, we decided to push through with the concept.”

delivery filipino food arriba inasal chicken inasal

Arriba Inasal Chicken Inasal

This was what brought Arriba Inasal to life.

Their chicken inasal is really tasty! It arrived with a generous serving of rice which is doused in what we deem is the so sinful chicken oil. But hey, it’s worth the calories!

As bonus, Armand’s wife bakes some of the scrumptious desserts around and are sold at Zucchero MNL. The brookies and the chocolate cake was the perfect ending to a savory lunch.

delivery filipino food arriba inasal zucchero brookies

Zucchero Brookies

delivery filipino food arriba inasal zucchero chocolate cake

Zucchero Chocolate Cake

Mich, the home baker said, “For someone who has a sweet tooth, dessert is always a staple every after meal. During the quarantine period, I had to look for something to keep myself busy aside from taking care of my 1-year-old boy. That’s when my new found love for baking started. I tried to make brownie cookies, among many others. And then the idea of creating a business out of a mere quarantine activity came about. That’s when I thought of the name ‘zucchero’ which means ‘sugar’ in Italian.”

4. Nanay’s Relyeno

Rellenong Bangus might not be the most popular dish in Filipino cuisine since it takes a long time to prepare, but Nanay’s Relyeno makes life easier by offering this delicious homemade dish on their menu. Their version does not use raisins, pork, beef, or extenders, though; making it perfect for everyone. Make sure to pair it with their special sauce, too!

delivery filipino food Nanays Relyeno bangus

Nanay’s Relyenong Bangus

Nanay’s Relyeno has also released a new product on the menu: bagis, a Kapampangan dish cooked with calamansi and chili – perfect for those who love spicy food.

delivery filipino food Nanays Relyeno bagis

Bagis from Nanay’s Relyeno

3. Farina’s Ilocos Empanada

Farinas Ilocos Empanada began as a kiosk. Later on, they evolved and became a dine-in restaurant to cater to its growing customer base. Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 health crisis, its stores closed because people were asked to stay at home. However, Farina’s got tons of messages from customers who were craving for their comfort food so they started pivoting into deliveries.

Farinas Ilocos Empanada 1

Farina’s Ilocos Empanada

Aside from its popular empanada, Farinas Ilocos Empanada is a great choice for people who don’t have time to cook or who simply want to serve their families with home-cooked comfort food like pancit and pinakbet.

Farinas Ilocos Empanada 3

Farina’s Ilocos Empanada

It is an especially great choice for family bonding sessions in the comfort of your own homes since they have affordable bilao that is good for the entire family, including pancit bilao, combo bilao, and longganisa bilao.

2. #PigletsKitchen

delivery filipino food piglets kitchen aligue and shrimp pasta

#PigletsKitchen Aligue and Shrimp Pasta

#PigletsKitchen is a weekend kitchen for all your Filipino comfort food cravings. It is a reminder of home. It brings back your grandma’s signature meal, your mother’s specialty dish, and even your aunt’s favorite dessert!

delivery filipino food piglets kitchen salmon in lemon butter sauce

#PigletsKitchen Salmon in Lemon Butter Sauce

#PigletsKitchen is known for classic Filipino comfort food. Some of the bestsellers are Spicy Laing, Tinapa Rice, Thrice Cooked Pork Adobo, Binagoongan in Coconut Milk, and Kare-kare paired with Bagoong Rice.

1. Astrid’s Table

Astrid’s Table is a home-based food business that opened early June 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides a Zamboanga specialty, the Curacha.


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Curacha is known in Zamboanga and is cooked traditionally with coconut milk, aligue or crab fat, and other spices. Astrid’s table is making their own version of the specialty dish, making sure that each platter is made with love.

Unlike Mud Crabs or Alimango, Curacha has more meat inside its body but has smaller claws.

Astrid’s Table also serves other seafood platters like the mixed seafood which is their best-seller. It is a mix of Curacha, Shrimps, Chilean Black Mussels, and corn in their special sauce.

Time to get messy!

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