MODUS OPERANDI: Lightning Fast Robbers Caught on CCTV at Future Bar

MODUS OPERANDI: Lightning Fast Robbers Caught on CCTV at Future Bar


To everyone out there, especially those who often hang-out in bars around the metro, please be extra careful with your belongings and try not to bring a bag/purse so you won’t be victimized by these very decent looking suspected thieves composed of 2 females and 3 males.

Future Bar thieves-4

According to comments from the Facebook post by Samantha Nicole, it was in a bar in Makati where their 1st modus operandi was reported.

I believe we have featured quite a lot of robbery incidents caught on cctv before, but I find this particular one unique because I couldn’t believe that the suspects are all dressed well, looking trendy and educated. I even think they dress trendier than me (‘coz I always go out wearing flops, t-shirt and shorts!), so most likely I may look more like a thief than them! Lols It’s really difficult to distinguish the good from the bad nowadays. It’s also hard to trust someone and just because you’re with a seemingly decent crowd doesn’t mean it’s ok to place your belongings anywhere. With their looks, no one  will ever suspect them to steal at all, but thanks to the cctv footage, the incident was recorded fully.


Here’s a series of still photos from a cctv recording last July 5 (Saturday) at Future Bar which was posted by Samantha Nicole.




Last Saturday, the 5th of July 2014, our friend’s bag got stolen at Future. We are releasing these photos in hopes to find the 5 thieves (2 females + 3 males).

Towards the end, you will see the bag being stolen, as pictured with an arrow.

Please feel free to share this. These guys need to learn their lesson. HARD. They do not look familiar to us or to anyone we know so far. They for sure, specifically went there to steal. Any leads would be most appreciated! 

Future Bar thieves-13

According to Samantha, this guy, scouted their friend’s bag first around 10 minutes before the incident happened.


Future Bar thieves-1

female suspects



 arrow showing bag’s location


Future Bar thieves-6

 Future Bar thieves-7

Future Bar thieves-10

female suspect holding the bag


Future Bar thieves-9


Future Bar thieves-11

Future Bar thieves-12

suspects flee the scene


Here’s a link to the  cctv video of the whole incident. Please observe and note how they took the bag really quick! 



Please do share this article on your walls so we can warn as many people as possible about their modus and hopefully by posting this, we can identify the suspects to put an end to their crime.


MODUS OPERANDI: Lightning Fast Robbers Caught on CCTV at Future Bar