Mocha Uson to Gab Valenciano: You don’t know anything about the Philippines’ Condition

After Gab Valenciano aired his opinions about presidential hopeful Rodrigo Duterte, mixed reactions graced social media. Some were agreeing to Gab but most were not. One was entertainer, Mocha Uson. She talked about what the Philippines needed and compared it to a doctor treating illness. She metaphorically explained her side about being morally correct and being a capable president.

(My reaction to Gab Valenciano’s FB post )

Many anti-Duterte focus on the issue of morality. But the real question is – do we need a good role model or a capable President? Simple lang naman po ito, our country is so sick and we need a good doctor to help us. And here come the moralists questioning the doctor’s righteousness and morality? Shouldn’t we be more concerned about the doctor’s experience and capability to treat disease and illness? Now do you get my point? If you want a morally “righteous” leader then let’s vote for the priests and the religious people. Now how do you catch drug pushers? How do you pursue corrupt policemen and politicians? How do you put an end to the LAGLAG BALA syndicate? Call the priests?

Morality should not be the deciding factor in choosing our next president. MORAL STANDARDS mean different things to different people according to their belief. What is morally right to you might be morally wrong to me, and what is morally wrong to you might be morally right to me.

Mr. GAB VALENCIANO, I remember you posted a few months ago on your FB that you “don’t owe it (Philippines) a thing” and now here you are tweeting your sentiments toward our country – “how socially uneducated the country has become. What has happened to my fellow countrymen? It’s so sad”. (@gabvalenciano twitter)

Wala ka namang alam sa tunay na kalagayan na mga Pilipino because you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and you are not even here. You don’t know what’s really happening in our streets. Our country is radically ill and we need a radical leader to create radical change. We need a leader who’s willing to sacrfice himself for the sake of his country.

Eto ang tanong, ano ba ang kailangan natin MORALISTA O PRESIDENTE?

“I do not care if I burn in hell for as long as the people I serve live in paradise” – Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte.


Do you agree with what Mocha said? Why or why not?