MNL Kingpin: Comfortable Dri-Fit Shirts You Can Customize As You Please

Looking to customize shirts or jerseys for your company, a special event, a sports match, or even just for you and your friends? MNL Kingpin is a store that can help you with any of your t-shirt and jersey needs.

We’ve ordered several shirts from MNL Kingpin in the past, and they never fail to disappoint. Thanks to the dri-fit fabric that they use for their shirts, they are perfect to wear in our country’s hot and humid weather, ensuring that their customers are always comfortable whilst wearing them. Plus, you can literally wear them to any event or on any occasion. Check out how our WhenInManila team rocks their latest MNL Kingpin shirts:

Kat Mayuga wearing her shirt on a casual day out

Nicole Villaluz adding a bit of personality into it by tying it up in the front

Mari Lorica matching it with trendy clothes to show off her style

Mikaela Zulueta wearing her shirt while walking her adorable dog

Stephen Migallen surviving the heat, thanks to the awesome dri-fit fabric

Working from home is made more comfy in a MNL Kingpin shirt

You can even wear it to the gym, like KC Canlas

Or post-ballet class like Gizelle Caoile

And, of course, since the shirts just look good, in general; your selfies will look amazing, as well:

Koji Arsua

Kathlene Masilongan

Kacy Chua

Alex Cruz

Vivien del Valle

Aside from the comfort and awesome design of the shirts, it is also good to note that the colors of their shirts don’t really fade, either. Believe it or not, the shirts that we got from them around three to four years ago are still as vibrant as ever – and this is saying something as I have literally overused my MNL Kingpin shirts over those years.

It’s no wonder why so many local sports teams, celebrities, and companies trust the brand with their t-shirt and jersey printing needs. We do, too! They can even help you design your customized jerseys for FREE if you don’t really have an artistic bone in your body. Just tell them what theme you want or choose from their previous designs for reference! Check them out below for more details!

MNL Kingpin



Instagram: @mnl_kingpin

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