#MissUniverse2015: Pia Wurtzbach Strolls in New York City

Pia Wurtzback NYC

(Photo from: TMZ)

Pia Wurtzbach has really captured the attention of many people, both domestic and foreign. Recently, gossip TV program and website TMZ posted a photo of her strolling New York City in what appears to be a plain “jogging outfit” and captioned it with the words “on the downlow.” Her wardrobe was of running shoes, leggings, shirt, and cap. Smartphone and earphones come in tow.

TMZ said:

No crown in sight as Miss Philippines strolled undercover. And no evidence she was being tailed by Miss Columbia, or her posse.

For the duration of her reign as Miss Universe, one of Pia’s perks is to experience luxury accommodations in a New York City apartment plus living expenses.

To follow the Pia’s journey, you can also check out her personal Instagram account, which she actively updates from time to time. She also posts updates on the official Miss Universe social media channels.

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