Miss Intercontinental Karen Gallman supports divorce and opposes lowering the age of criminal liability

The Filipino-Australian beauty queen was recently grilled by “Headstart” host Karen Davila on a number of pressing issues. Among several topics were questions on medical marijuana, divorce, and criminal liability in the Philippines. Unlike other beauty queens who might skirt the questions and avoid direct answers, this Miss Intercontinental faced each challenge head-on.


First, on the issue of lowering the age of criminal liability Karen Gallman simply said that “12 years old is still quite young.” This comes on the heels of two different bills in Congress attempting to lower the age of criminal liability to 9 and 12 years old respectively. She believes that at that age discipline is better done in the hands of the parents.

Gallman gave her support on the recent passing of the medical marijuana bill in the lower house of Congress. She stated: “I think there’s a few benefits to marijuana if it’s used health wise. But then for me, I think it’s such a bad habit if you’re just smoking it for the sake of smoking it. For medical purposes, then yes.

But to be available to anyone just for the sake of smoking it, I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Finally, Karen Davila brought up the fact that the Philippines is one of the last countries without divorce. In response, Gallman revealed that she was in favor of legalizing divorce. She justifies it by saying: “We should allow divorce because people change… [If] there’s abuse in the relationship, I think the woman or the man should be able to leave that person and not suffer.”

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How do you feel about the beauty queen’s stances?