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Sen. Miriam Pick-Up Lines Shirts are Out!

“Ang love, parang ketchup – matamis pero maraming nakikisawsaw.”


When in Manila, who are you wearing?


miriam pickup lines shirt



You have probably heard her whet everyone’s mind with satire, wit, and sarcasm. Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is indeed, a very colorful member of the legislative body of the Philippine government. Armed with her knowledge of the constitution and sharpness of mind, she debates with anyone who dares the law. Now probably tired of what she “eats for breakfast” (the senator was once quoted saying, “I eat death threats for breakfast“) and very erudite “housemates“, she delivers not only powerful speeches during senate hearings and talks, but also very bentang pick-up lines!



Sen. Miriam for Team Manila

Sen. Miriam – definitely equipped to quip! 


And everybody loved her all the more! Benta! Now, I’m not entirely sure if it’s because it was not expected of her to deliver pick-up lines, or they were  just simply funny; all I can say is that Sen. Miriam’s pick-up lines has brought smiles and laughs to friends and countrymen.


miriam pickup lines shirt



 miriam pickup lines shirt


She has been quoted here and there, through every social media channel available. Her videos have been shared, liked, and retweeted. And since Filipinos still couldn’t have enough of Sen. Miriam’s pick-up lines, Team Manila had this genius idea of collaborating with her to produce Miriam Says shirts! Four designs have been released earlier this week, and are now available at Team Manila Lifestyle’s online shop.


miriam pickup lines shirt



The Sen. Miram x Team Manila shirts are online exclusives, and would not be available in their physical stores. So, When in Manila, be sure to visit Team Manila’s online shop, and grab your Sen. Miriam pick-up line shirt while they are still available.


OR you can join our contest and win your very own Miriam Says shirt! Mechanics here.


Enjoy your weekend, friends and countrymen!



*Photos courtesy of Team Manila.


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Sen. Miriam Pick-Up Lines Shirts from Team Manila Lifestyle


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