Mini Projectors To Get For That “Fake Window” Tiktok Trend

Tiktok seems to be the newest source of the biggest trends, and the latest thing that’s gone viral is the “fake window” trend. It’s become quite a go-to trick for people who have small or no windows in their rooms.

What they do is project a loop video (or a high-resolution photo) of a window with their choice of the landscape! The fact that you can literally choose what to see “outside your window” is a huge bonus.

Want to try the trend? Here are a few mini projectors you can get online:

APEMAN Mini Projector

apeman projector

Photo from Lazada

This mini projector adopts the latest 4.0 LCD display technology with advanced LED light sources. It has a built-in speaker and can be connected to most devices using standard cables. Get this APEMAN Mini Projector here.

BlitzWolf Mini LED Projector

mini projector

Photo from Lazada

This sleek-looking cube is actually a powerful LED projector. You can easily connect your phone through a wireless connection. It also has an input for headphones or your standard aux cables. Buy this mini LED projector here.

YG-300 Portable Projector

mini projector 1

Photo from Lazada

This portable projector is one of the affordable options, and it definitely does the job. Aside from being easily portable, you can use a power bank to power it up, making it super handy. Buy this bright portable projector here.

Wejoy Mini Smart Projector

mini projector 2

Photo from Lazada

This handy mini projector has an optional built-in Android system that allows you to watch your favorite videos without having to connect them to an external device. Get this handy smart projector here.

AKASO Pocket Projector

mini projector 3

Photo from Lazada

This pocket projector comes in a bright yellow color with soft curves on the edges, making it a great option if you’re getting this for your kid! Buy this adorable pocket projector here.

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