How to Become a Millionaire with the Millionaire’s Mindset Uncovered by Chinkee Tan


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September 14, 2012 – I attended the seminar “Developing The Millionaire’s Mindset” by Chinkee Tan.  It was a whole day affair which started from 10am up to 6pm.  I arrived early at around 9:30 am and to my surprise a lot of people were already there.  I guess everybody gets excited when the word “millionaire” is part of the title. The crowd was a mix of  professionals, entrepreneurs, housewives, kids etc.. A very diverse audience but all of them carrying same questions in their minds: “Why are other people more successful in life? What is this millionaire’s mindset and how can we take advantage of it?”  Here are my realizations after attending the Developing The Millionaire’s Mindset seminar.




Everyone can have a Millionaire’s Mindset. 


Yes it’s true! it is not just for millionaires. Even the poorest of the poor can learn and develop how to have a millionaire’s mindset and eventually be Rich! Sometimes they even do better than the ones who weere born with a silver spoon.  Their advantage is that they have a bigger desire to change their lives.  The bigger the desire, the more serious they follow the process, the faster they achieve their goal.




It doesn’t matter what kind of life you had before.


Most people use their background as an excuse why they can’t be rich and successful. It is common that we hear people say that I cannot be rich because…  “I am born poor, I don’t have any good connections, I am not a graduate of an exclusive school, no one in my family knows how to run business, it’s hard to make money if you don’t have money.” These are just negative  limiting beliefs that may have been ingrained through our brains by the people around us.  That is why from now on we should be aware of this so we can reprogram it sooner.




The best thing you can do is run away from Negatrons.


Do you know any negatrons in your life? These are the people who are so negative. People whom you can’t please. People who gets afraid if you are getting ahead of them that is why they pull you down. Run fast or they will kill your dreams. You are the one responsible for your life. You have to believe in yourself! Focus on the Positive. Be happy and thankful!




When you have a millionaire’s mindset you see more opportunities.


When you learn the techniques of having a millionaire’s mindset, it’s like your eye of opportunities suddenly opens. Opportunities will pop in front of your face left and right. You will now see what is invisible to others.




Finding something that you are passionate about makes the whole process faster. 


This is a no brainer. Doing something you love everyday won’t be work.  If you have found this passion the next step is to find a mentor who can teach you everything you need to know how to be successful in it. Remember, the fastest way to learn is to learn from the mistakes of others.




The seminar of Chinkee Tan was very informative. It made me realize plenty of things that I may not have been aware of.  Developing a Millionaire’s mindset is not an instant thing but rather a process.  Following the techniques taught in the seminar made it easier for people to change their habits, reprogram their beliefs and open their eyes to opportunities. I believe this seminar can help a lot of people change their ways to gear towards success.  Now I understand why Chinkee loves his work. By working, he changes lives.





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FERDINAND “CHINKEE” TAN is lifestyle trainer, renowned speaker, former TV/movie personality, and best-selling author. He is the author of the best-seller “Till Debt Do Us Part: Practical Steps to Financial Freedom,” a guide to handling money responsibly, and the recently launched follow-up book “For Richer or For Poorer.”









How to Become a Millionaire with the Millionaire’s Mindset Uncovered by Chinkee Tan


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