Miley Cyrus Just Sang “The Climb” For The First Time in 6 Years

Miley Cyrus has undergone many transformations. While we may know her from years ago as the Disney Channel darling when she starred in Hannah Montana, such is the way of most celebrities who start out young — they end up going through an identity crisis once they get older, having to jump through hoops just to get rid of their teenybopper, child-friendly image.

Miley Cyrus EMA 2013 02

And that’s exactly what Miley did — as soon as she got out of the Disney show that catapulted her to fame, she was more than eager to show audiences that she was now grown up, by chopping her luscious brown locks for a platinum blonde look, and infamously dancing alongside Robin Thicke at the 2013 VMA awards when she was 21.

Miley Cyrus EMA 2013 01

Although her transition from wholesome country girl to wild child was quite shocking, thankfully, Miley’s life didn’t end up in a downward spiral. And now that she’s 25, it seems that the singer has had time to reflect on her past in an introspective way, mellowing down and even touching on her country roots in her latest album “Younger”.


So you could imagine the elation and surprise fans felt after Miley sang — after six long years!! — The Climb, arguably the most famous song from her Hannah Montana era. It goes to show that despite the change in looks, she’s still the same old Miley.

Watch the video below:

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