Middle children are living their best lives–here are 10 reasons why!

Words by Marielle Balmores

Featured Photo by Althea Catipon

The common association with being the middle child is that it’s a curse, mainly because of the myth known as the “Middle Child Syndrome.” This is defined to be the feeling of being neglected and forgotten by your parents because the centers of attention would be the firstborns and the youngest. As a middle child myself, I wouldn’t deny that I had those moments where I felt like I could not shine. But as I got older, I realized that there are actually more good things about being in the middle that no one really talks about nor notices.

Here’s why:

10.  They still have a younger sibling they can order around.

Pretty self-explanatory and evil, but it’s a great one. If the older sibling makes them do things they don’t want to, chances are that they’re passing it on to the younger one to do it for them. Also even without that order from the older sibling, there are just some tasks them make the younger ones do because why not?

9. Less attention, less pressure.

Being the center of attention can be fun, but too much of it may cause you to lose your drive due to the pressure of everyone’s eyes being on you. With the oldest and youngest always asked about their future plans, there’s always pressure on them. Good thing middle children don’t get asked that question as often and merely listen to what the oldest and youngest have to say. They can just relax and go at their own pace without having to worry about other people.

8. Being neutral about everything.

When there’s an argument between the oldest and youngest sibling, middle children make sure to keep things civil and listen to both sides of the argument. They make sure not to take sides and always find a compromise so that the arguing parties are on good terms. This applies to their friends and parents too so things don’t spiral out of control. With good negotiating skills, they get to balance out everyone and maintain peace and order.

7. They want it, they get it.

Because they’re skilled in negotiating things between arguing siblings or parents, it’s vital when there’s something they want to pursue and they need to convince their parents. Pros, cons, causes, effects, they will consider every factor in case their parents interrogate. It can be a long shot depending on how strict or lenient in general their parents are but because they are hard-working and passionate, they will make sure to get it. When they do, success is so sweet.

6. They are chill, but they don’t accept bad attitudes.

Most middle children are carefree and just do things that make them happy. But just because they can easily adjust to different personalities doesn’t mean that you can be rude or disrespectful to them. Since they never allowed themselves to act badly because they are peacemakers, do not be surprised if they retaliate. Their pent-up emotions may just shut you up (and trust me, there’s a lot).

5. You can rely on them.

Because they have to deal with all kinds of siblings, you can trust them with anything. Because they have tendencies of being forgotten, they wouldn’t want anyone to feel that way. They put others’ feelings first before theirs. So if you need to talk to them, they will be there for you. Also, don’t be afraid to act a certain way because chances are that they’ve encountered that attitude before.

4.  They can adjust easily.

Middle kids are so used to getting the hand-me-downs of their older siblings. In short, those items aren’t the best but they would settle. Metaphorically, it shows that they’re flexible and adjust when it is needed. This is also really helpful in the workplace or in school when numerous tasks change and get jumbled up–they’ll make the most of it and still do well.

3. They are more aware of their actions.

With the older siblings being the one to test out everything for the first time, they will make mistakes in the process. With those mistakes, they serve as a guide of sorts for the middle children of what not to do when they’re in that kind of situation. They would think first before they act, preferring to being safe than sorry. (The kid in yellow is your ate/kuya, making the mistakes for you while you are somewhere in the back, observing.)

2. Independence!

Not being the main center of attention, parents are more lenient with their middle children. This allows them to become freer and find more ways to be entertained. They would always be down for new adventures with friends or even just staying home to watch Netflix even. Also, they appreciate the presence of themselves more, taking advantage of all the self-care times they can get and maybe do solo projects on the side. They’re also ready to help with their parents’ errands, too.

1. They hustle twice as hard.

Middle children either have to do something exciting or only remain in the background. When they discover their passions, they will put so much effort into them so that they can get that second look and even approval from parents. They may even get competitive in the workplace, so don’t bother with messing with their groove.

With these reasons, we prove how your middle-ranking in the family actually helps build your character the older you get. So hold your head up high, middle kids. Your struggles will always have ways to come back to help you. But if you keep hustling, your greatness and success will come too.

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If you’re a middle child, are there other things you like about one? Share it with us!


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