MGC’s General Assembly 2016 “Rock of Ages: Rock ‘Round the Clock”


Look back to the good ol’ days with MGC’s General Assembly 2016 dubbed Rock of Ages: Rock ‘Round the Clock!

Mining Engineering, Geology, and Ceramic Engineering Department (MGC)  of Adamson University, in partnership with Adamson University Mining Engineering and Geology Students Association (AUMEGA), brings the nostalgic vibe and reminisces its glorious past as it celebrates its annual General Assembly on September 23, 2016, starting at 5:00 pm at the Adamson University ST Quadrangle – the biggest open venue in the campus.

            In Rock of Ages, expect fashion statements that span from the trendy 50s to the wild 2010 as Geology and Mining Engineering delve in geologic time. Experience a one-of-a-kind flashback with millions of years compressed to a single day, and revel in the best and the finest event the AUMEGA has yet to offer.

AUMEGA members may also wear dinosaur costumes or cavemen outfits as they party the night away — pun intended.

            With the theme ‘Rock ‘Round the Clock,’  AUMEGA hopes to bring the grooves and the moves to its contemporary youth and engage them in a night of fun and enjoyment. There will be sumptuous food, thrilling games, and exciting performances coming from the talented students of Geology and Mining Engineering, the AUMEGA Cultural Committee which houses one of the most awaited talent groups of the organization – the AUMEGA Dance Crew.

            The faction competition between the five gems, Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet, Sapphire, and Topaz, is also expected to heat up as AUMEGA will finally unveil the first MEGA Faction. Its corresponding muses and escorts will also compete for the crown and the chance to become the entitled AUSG Sports Fest Muse and Escort. Factions are created with the goal of improving the students’ social interaction with other students of the two programs. One important objective of the body is to unite all members of the factions. Thus, a unity of the Factions is a unity of all the members.

            Although it has garnered a lot of attention, lately, due to improved information dissemination by the Faction Supervisor John Patrick Rayo, the faction system is a relatively new program introduced by the College of Engineering in improving camaraderie amongst the students. The Faction System was established in 2015 under the term of Mr. Charles Aaron Felix C. Pioquinto and was headed by the five Faction Founders, namely, Ms. Avegail Guimbangunan, Mr. Wilbern Blitz Paeste, Ms. April Kayte Mondala, Mr. Charles Aaron Felix Pioquinto, and Mr. Zeus Giles Felix.  The faction founders designed the rules, pointing system, and groupings of the students. They are also considered as the highest decision-making body of the system that supports all the factions with unbiased and unprejudiced judgment.

But of course this general assembly will not be only about food, music, and games, it also aims to raise awareness on the mining issues that has surfaced through the past few months. Representatives from StandFIRM: Filipinos for the Institution of Responsible Mining will be present in the event to gather support for the fight against irresponsible mining.

This event will not be possible without the generous support from its sponsors, Clariden Holdings, Inc., Nickel Asia Corporation, and MEGA Testing Corporation.

Reminisce the jams of the past and revisit that old soul. AUMEGA’s General Assembly is open to all bona fide students and alumni of Geology and Mining Engineering of Adamson University. For further inquiries, visit AUMEGA’s Facebook page at Adamson University Mining Engineering and Geology Students’ Association or through its Gmail account at