Mescolato Urban Cafe: An Insanely Chill Hangout Place

 Mescolato Urban Cafe

 Bored being bored? Pull off your all-nighters or simply dew drop at Mescolato Urban Cafe!

Transcending from its humble roots as a food cart franchise at Legarda, Wilbert G. Nuñez and Ma. Antonette Ventigan took the risk to start their own brand. Mescolato Urban Cafe was born. The name was derived from the Italian word mescolato which means blended or mixed. It was previously named Mescolato Ghiaccio where “ghiaccio” means “ice”.

 Mescolato Urban CafeThe couple who started it all: Mescolato Urban Cafe Owners Wilbert G. Nuñez and Ma. Antonette Ventigan

 Mescolato Urban Cafe

Chalk some more. Chums of Mescolato Urban Cafe: Marco Manuel and Rafael Ian Edora rendered the space designs. The 7-month old tambayan also scores black and white interiors, more tables, comfy chairs and uber-friendly people.

Calling all bed potatoes! You can even watch movies, access Wi-Fi, charge gadgets, unleash your hugots, rehearse dance moves or bring your study group here. Silly-brate all you like at Mescolato Urban Cafe! Worry no more with its CCTV-protected facility and stained glass windows.

 Mescolato Urban CafeNow Watching: Project Almanac with a loyal customer. Top Left: Call ’em killjoys, but rules are rules.

 Mescolato Urban Cafe

Here are the bestsellers on the house menu: Pinoy Nachos, Shaker Fries, Clubhouse Sandwich and Caramel Macchiato. Need a tweak?

They serve personalized orders, too. Cool, eh?

 Mescolato Urban Cafe

Mescolato Urban Cafe Nachos are crunchy corn chips drizzled with cheese sauce, topped with tomatoes, onions and ground meat.

Consume immediately. The fun part is that they will melt in your mouth.

 Mescolato Urban Cafe

If mashed potatoes and shoestring fries had a babythis would be the Mescolato Urban Cafe Shaker Fries.

They are crispy yet chewy on the inside. Warning: the sour cream version is highly addictive, though!

 Mescolato Urban Cafe

Layered with ham, cheese, egg, lettuce and tomatoes, Mescolato Urban Cafe Clubhouse Sandwich makes for a great snack.

It’s non-greasy and has no weird middle buns.

Plus: Cheese Shaker Fries on the side (Yeah!) which remind me a little bit of Cheese Curls. But less salty. Yay!

 Mescolato Urban Cafe

Mescolato Urban Cafe Sisig tastes sweet with a spicy kick. It’s scrambled with eggs and sautéed with lots of onions.

Pair it with their unique sauce and calamansi, a sure-ball thesis grind stress reliever. No wonder students order their sisig rice meal the most.

 Mescolato Urban Cafe

Their Caramel Macchiato would be the fine lady that you’d like to chase.

Each soothing sip introduces a caramel milk fusion without the umay factor.

Homemade cookies and cakes in jars are also available.

Mescolato Urban Cafe is definitely a rated G hangout. Sans the reek of booze and smoking, it continues to magnetize anyone in search for comfort. Indeed, it grows into a community buddy and a studying ground. Bring out the awesomeness in you!

 Mescolato Urban Cafe

2001 Araullo Street corner G. Araneta Street, Sta. Mesa, Manila (near LRT 2 Pureza Station)

Operating Hours: Mondays-Sundays 11am-3am

Contact Numbers: 256-67-38