Memories…Do Not Open: The Chainsmokers’ Visual and Eargasmic Manila Concert

Chainsmokers 11

Closer – This song has been my jam ever since I first heard it August of last year. It has been a part of my all-time favorites playlist in Spotify. It was the start of me being a fan of the DJ duo, The Chainsmokers. They dropped single after single with collaborations with other artists. And, just last April, they released their debut studio album titled “Memories…Do Not Open”. Their world tour followed right after, and as part of their Asian leg of the tour, they returned to the Philippines to make their Filipino fans dance to their music.

Here are the unforgettable moments last September 13 at The Chainsmokers’ “Memories… Do Not Open Tour” in the Philippines.

Chainsmokers 02

4. That bass!

First of all, the duo’s concert was full of gimmicks that stimulated the senses. Their bass was out of this world! You’d feel it going through your whole body. It’s like they are pumping energy to your body to make you dance nonstop. The party-like show was fueled with so much upbeat music that people would sometimes bump into each other. Truly, all your senses will feel overwhelmed. 

Chainsmokers 08

3. The cartoon visuals and narratives

The entire stage was their silver screen and the fans got treated to a wide array of visuals. Clips of cartoon characters that look like they just came out from the world of Adventure Time would fill the screen. They were all cute and their dance steps were fun to follow. Some of the featured clips were narratives between lovers, especially when the current track playing is about relationships. Their visuals completed the party experience as they conveyed the mood of the track and the ambiance of the moment. It really was a colorful festival for the eyes.

Chainsmokers 09

2. Light show, fireworks, and fire!

What’s makes a great party even better? Freakin’ awesome lights! The audience was lit with an ensemble of flashing lights that went well with the beats of the songs. Fireworks and even fire flashed near the stage whenever Alex or Andrew went down with the beat. It smelled like New Years inside the arena after the fireworks went out.

Chainsmokers 04

1. Awesome setlist

Of course, what brought all of these together were the songs the Chainsmokers ran on their turntables. They played songs from their album like “The One,” “Break Up Every Night,” “Bloodstream,” “Paris,” “Honest,” “Something Just Like This” and “Young”. They also pulled out their hits like “Roses”, “All We Know”, “Don’t Let Me Down”, and my anthem “Closer”. They also did a cover and mashup of Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars” and “Yellow”. After almost two hours of tracks, my voice got coarse because of singing along to their songs!

Chainsmokers 10

Pictures and videos cannot fully grasp the experience we have been immersed in from the Chainsmokers’ concert. It was a plethora of stimuli that engaged all of our senses. We danced and sang the night away. Truly a night to be remembered by all the fans that had the chance to attend.