Meet the It Girls of Summer!

Words by Yann Magcamit (@alltheloveyann)

Photos by Elaine Quion (@elainequion) and Rhobynne Villaluna (@rhobzvillaluna)


It’s summertime once again – the season of tank tops, halo-halos, pool floaties, and sunglasses! It’s also the time when your squad plans a really nice hangout sesh – which no one knows if it would actually push through.

Speaking of squads, you’ve probably seen these girls’ faces on your TV screens, especially if you watch GMA 7’s Encantadia reboot. We’re talking about the gorgeous girls in this #squad you should watch out for this summer: Mikee Quintos, Klea Pineda, Arra San Agustin, and Lindsay de Vera!

Get to know them more as they share what makes their summer a season to remember!

Group 2

From L-R: Arra San Agustin, Lindsay de Vera, Mikee Quintos, and Klea Pineda

What was your most memorable summer trip?

Arra: “My most recent Sorsogon trip with my friends! Ang dami namin tapos nasa coaster kami. Sa coaster pa lang, wala akong tulog nun tapos lahat kami whoo party-party lang kami dun sa loob.”

Lindsay: “For me, it’s when we went to Surigao because there’s a lot of nice beaches there and we went diving also. We also went to this place called Britania Islands to do island hopping and it was really nice there! I met a lot of new people, people who became very important to me.”

GMA Artists-Rhobz-0181

Arra San Agustin

Mikee: “When I went to Europe with my whole family! We filled up a whole bus actually because we came with some friends too. Tapos we went city hopping, and the first stop was Paris, then Florence, Venice, Milan, and the last stop was Rome. Tapos before going back to Manila, nagpunta pa kami sa Dubai, tapos we did this thing from Sex and the City, yung ginawa nila na nagpunta sila ng sand dunes tapos nagdadrive. I rode a camel for the first time!”

Klea: “Nung biglaang nagpunta kami ng family ko sa Coron, Palawan. 3 days and 2 nights lang, tapos sobrang bitin kasi kailangan ko na ding umuwi kasi kinabukasan debut ko na! Ganun kastress na parang ang late na tapos pag-uwi ko pa dito sa Manila, may work pa ako.”

GMA Artists-Rhobz-0301

Klea Pineda

What’s a summer must-have for you?

All: “Sunblock!”

Arra: “Kilay! Guys, kilay! Para pag-ahon mo, may kilay ka pa rin!”

Mikee: “Okay lang mabasa yung hair, yung kilay lang ang hindi!”

Mikee Quintos 2

Mikee Quintos

What’s your favorite summer food?

Mikee and Klea: “Ice cream!”

Lindsay: “Ice cream and halo-halo!”

Arra: “Acai bowl!

GMA Artists-Rhobz-0087

Lindsay de Vera

What’s your favorite summer drink?

Arra: “Buko!”

Lindsay: “Coconut juice!”

Klea: “Sobrang feel mo yung summer kapag ganun!”

Mikee: “Pina colada!”

GMA Artists-Rhobz-0195

Arra San Agustin

What’s your go-to summer outfit?

Mikee: “Big shirt, as in t-shirt dress, lagi!”

Klea: “Lalo na kapag sobrang init!”

Mikee: “Tapos yung mga maninipis yung material. Cozy kasi and di mo feel na naiinitan ka.”

GMA Artists-Rhobz-0159

Mikee Quintos

Lindsay: “I really like wearing sandals in the summer too. Like slip-ons and sandals.”

Arra: “Shorts and shirt.”

Mikee: “Lalo na with the Manila Heat.”

GMA Artists-Rhobz-0093

Lindsay de Vera

If you were given just a day off to have a summer vacation, what would you do?

Mikee: “I wanna try yung Inflatable Island.”

Klea: “Uy ang saya nun! Meron sa Tagaytay at Subic!”

Mikee: “Tagaytay?”

Klea: “Ay Batangas pala!”

Mikee: “Ah oo, yung sa Balai Isabel! Yung all-white [sand]? Gusto nyo?”

All: *cheers in agreement* Yes!! Punta tayo!

GMA Artists-Rhobz-0367

Klea Pineda

Klea, Lindsay, Mikee, and Arra are more than just the fresh, pretty faces we see on TV – off-screen, they’re also just as makulit like every squad we know, and their bubbly personalities make us sure they’d make it big in showbiz!

Group 1

Are you watching out for Arra, Mikee, Klea, and Lindsay? What was your most memorable summer experience? Share it with us!