Meet John’s Project – your warm, soulful playlist staple this 2021

The other half of the duo Franz&Francis is set to launch solo this year. After the band’s debut in 2019, musician Jay Pasicolan would be “Flyin’ Over” to take wing of his craft and experiment on his signature vibe under the name John’s Project. 

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Conceived during the quarantine, John’s Project was more of a whirl that is waiting to happen as his pursuit of a musical journey never left him. Seemingly long overdue, he tried juggling his passion and professional life as an engineer– thus, the name.

“Engineers would always work on projects their whole lives and for me, pursuing music is the project I’d want to do my whole life. I don’t think anyone’s late for something that’s your passion,” the 26-year old artist says.

In a matter of months, the young songsmith has been actively expanding his catalog with a repertoire of R&B soul layered with mellow guitars while referencing the 90s and contemporary groove. For Jay, music is home and he would always find solace in creating songs. An extension of himself, his roster of initial demos reflect the easy nature of his music that people can relate with and eventually, inspire them to realize their potential. 

“My songs are written in a way that it’s laidback, it’s warm, and it’s comforting and I guess what makes it distinct is I base it from my experiences. I want to make music that’s relevant. I think we are connected to the same truth, connected with the same things.” he adds.  

His influences also take cues from industry bigwigs like Tom Misch, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, John Mayer, Sam Kim, Craig David and definitive tracks from the 2000s. The endeavor is a project, literally, between him and fellow collaborators who are also crafting the overall experience of the brand. 

“I don’t think there’s a single person behind John’s Project. It’s a collective of creatives behind all of what you would see and hear when you experience listening to my music.” 

While building mostly on his digital presence last year, John’s Project has received nods as runner up for Earth Day Jam 2020 with “Letters from Earth” and currently as finalist for Himig Handog’s 11th Edition with his song “Kahit na Masungit” interpreted by Kyle Echarri and Jeremy Glinoga.

And like a promising new year’s resolution, his first single was released in January. “Lovely Day” carries his moniker as an indie artist and is groomed to be the next playlist staple as it hits the airwaves this month.