MAY FOREVER: Elderly Couple Selling Puto Inspires Passers-by

With all the commotion of #WalangForever going about, here’s a little breath of fresh air. This photo was posted by Barcode Galera on their Facebook page. Though it might not make national headlines, we felt it was worth sharing. Just a little positive vibe to end the week.

Barcode Galera writes:

Habang papunta sa Baclaran Church… nakita ko sila, mixed emotions, natuwa, nadurog puso ko, humanga, Si lolo ang incharge sa Marketing/Sales Talk at si Lola naman ang incharge sa Accounting… Good Tandem diba? kahit nagdadalawang isip kunan sila ng picture naglakas loob ako kunan sila, nagpaalam din naman ako habang nabili ako sa kanila ng puto, masarap, malinamnam, di hangin ang loob, sakto ang tamis para sa mga diet conscious, kung mapapadaan kayo banda dulo LRT kanto Baclaran dun daw sila lagi naka pwesto, Gusto kulang ipost to to give inspiration to others and self realization nadin… #RealityCheck Di para sa lahat merong #Forever… Pero MERON TALAGANG #RoadToForever #SaHirapAtGinhawa #WalangIwanan #IDOL #GoodLife #GoodVibes #ShareTheLove #SpreadLove
May Forever
Rough English Translation:
On my way to Backlaran Chuch… I spotted them. I had mixed emotions… I was happy, my heart was breaking and I was inspired. Granddad was in charge of the Marketing/Sales while grandma was in charge of accounting. Good tandem right? Though I thought twice about taking their photo, I gathered some strength to do so. Don’t worry, I asked permission while I was buying their puto. Their puto was delicious, not just filled with air and had the right amount of sweetness for those conscious of their diet. If you ever pass by somewhere near the end of the LRT in Baclaran – that’s where they often stay. I just wanted to post this to inspire others as well as for self realization. #RealityCheck, forever is not for everyone, but it really does exist.
Aww, it’s really nice to see stories like this every once in a while. We’ll try to do a follow up as well, and make sure Lolo and Lola are doing fine. Moreover, I’m sure their stories will inspire even more people around us. So if you ever see this lovely couple, help them out as well and buy some of their delicious puto.
What do you think? How did this story make you feel? Do let us know!