Matteo Guidicelli Shares His Running Story and Gives Some Tips for Runners

Despite big projects this year from releasing his first solo album to being one of the leading actors in primetime television, Matteo Guidicelli still maintains an active lifestyle and a passion for running. Matteo shared his running stories and tips with us. Read on! 🙂

When did you start running?

Matteo started running around 5 to 6 years ago. “I used to run before when I was a racer, but on a treadmill,” he shares. “I never really enjoyed running outdoors or running long. I started enjoying and loving it when I started triathlon 5 to 6 years ago.”

How do you balance your taping and the training?

Matteo says you really just have to prioritize what you do. “Everything’s my priority, though,” he laughs. “But the thing is, when you have work, you just think about work. And when your work’s done, you give time to running. And once you make running a part of your lifestyle, everything becomes more normal, alam mo yon? But once it’s just exercise and you have to put it in your schedule, it’s gonna become too much effort, and it’s gonna be boring, it’s gonna be forceful. But if it becomes (part of) your lifestyle, it becomes natural and it just goes with the flow.”

Matteo Guidicelli 1

How did Saucony’s mantra ‘Find Your Strong’ motivate you to run better?

Matteo says that ‘Find Your Strong’ makes people inspired. “Sometimes you wake up in the morning, and ugh, I don’t wanna run, but when you read the phrase “Find Your Strong”, it just extra motivates you already,” he explains.

What’s your favorite running gear?

Matteo shares that he wears Saucony shoes because they’re just beautiful. “Aside from how it looks, how it performs, you have so many different kinds to choose from for different kinds of runs, long runs, interval runs, tempo runs,” he explains. He adds that the technology of Saucony and how it’s developed, though, is his number one reason behind choosing it. Right now, his favorite running shoes are the racing flats: the Type As or the Kinvara. “But I love all the shoes. Like the Zealot, it’s one of my favorites also.”

Matteo Guidicelli 2

What tips can you give to people who want to start running?

Matteo’s biggest tip? “Find a good pair of shoes because you don’t wanna get injured. Once you start getting injured, you’re gonna start complaining, you’re gonna start being lazy, you won’t run anymore. So once you select your good pair of shoes, and you start enjoying, you’re gonna enjoy your runs better.” His second tip? Find a good coach. He also suggests to “find a good team, a good bunch of friends, and then just enjoy running ‘cause running’s beautiful, and there’s so much to learn in running.”

Got any running tips of your own to share? Share them with us! 🙂

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