Mas Masakit Ba Ang Maiwan o Mang-Iwan?

Everyone, at some point in their lives, has experienced heartbreak. This is probably one of the many reasons why ‘hugot’ jokes and memes are very popular nowadays. Whatever the reason is, have you ever wondered, after all has been said and done, what happens afterwards? The Egg Theater Company addresses just that with the Palanca award-winning work by George De Jesus III—Kung Paano Maghiwalay.

‘Kung Paano Maghiwalay’ is a 2-act play that focuses on how a relationship begins and ultimately ends. It centralizes and tackles the subject of love in cases where it ceases – from the plain and typical to the mundane and even violent ones. The play doesn’t follow a chronological structure, but still manages to capture the symphony threading deep into your emotions as it poses feelings of love, lust, anger, betrayal and ever the only feeling that really no one wants to experience—pain.

Kung Paano 39

The Stellar Cast of ‘Kung Paano Maghiwalay’
Kung Paano 38

An empathic scene on the reality of letting go

Kung Paano 36

The oddly familiar feeling of meeting and liking someone for the first time

The play dramatizes the universal scenarios of not just falling in, but also out of, love. From the proverbial husband and wife scenario, to the quirks of both heterosexual and homosexual relationships, the play also incorporates a lot of witty remarks and pick-up lines you might even be able to use while dating. Be prepared, though, because after all of the hilarious banter comes a rollercoaster of emotions, which pretty much embodies the same emotions you feel in a relationship – from the honeymoon phase to letting go.

The play also resonates with relatability like the eerie feeling of walking in a mall and seeing your ex with someone new or having an overly controlling GF that holds you high up your neck. Sound familiar? Yep, I guarantee you those scenes will hit every bone in your body you never knew existed. I even felt a subtle tear trying to escape my eyes as I went through the whole ordeal of trying to erase these familiar scenarios in my memory.

Kung Paano 35

One of the gloomiest scenes of the play

Kung Paano 32

A typical scenario of how friends remedy pain with the aid of alcohol

Kung Paano 30

Kung Paano 28

A couple showcases the raw emotions of a breakup

Kung Paano 27

Kung Paano 26

Kung Paano 24

Kung Paano 23

A couple trying to talk things through after a breakup

Kung Paano 20

Kung Paano 9

A violent spat between overly passionate lovers

Kung Paano 8

Another facade of how a couple moves on from a relationship

Kung Paano 3

Kung Paano 2

Kung Paano 1

The play features a stellar ensemble of new and seasoned actors: Renante Bustamante, RechelleGimpes, Mara Paulina Marasigan, Victor Medina, Juliene Mendoza, Stella Cañete-Mendoza, Sheena Ramos, Paul Jake Paule, Gabs Santos, Sarina Sasaki, LianSilverio, Andrea Tatad, Floyd Tena, AffyVarona, Andrei Vegas, and Teetin Villanueva.


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