Marriott Hotel Manila: A Festive Season of Merrymaking and Thanksgiving!

Marriott Hotel Manila: A Festive Season of Merrymaking and Thanksgiving!

When in Manila, when the -ber months start, it is a normal thing for Filipinos to begin celebrating the Christmas season. You may hear Christmas carols playing, see Christmas lights and decors unveiling themselves everywhere and hear kids starting to give hints on what to receive as presents! I am a sucker for this season myself because it gives me the perfect excuse to be a kid again! (And a spoiled kid, by the way. LOL)

Marriott Hotel Manila takes the lead in celebrating the holiday season this early by spreading news that they’re all set and prepared to give cheers to everyone!


Everyone was feeling giddy and excited at the same time as we enter the banquet area. Splashes of colors red, gold and green just enveloped our eyes and glittered our minds with how Marriott Hotel Manila would be celebrating this year’s most wonderful season.

Marriott Hotel Manila unveiled their variety of hampers to choose from to give to your loved ones. Ranging from their classics to premium ones, all are designed to match with style and elegance. Or you can even customize them to your own liking!


Classic Hamper

This Classic Hamper from Marriott Hotel Manila contains a gingerbread jeepney, chocolate Santa Claus, mango chocolate bar, dry pasta, tomato sauce with basil, Extra virgin olive oil and martini olives and is priced at Php3,400.

Cru Premium Hamper

Planning something to give to your VIP list? Consider giving them a wonderful hamper of Cru Premium Hamper from Marriott Hotel Manila! The Cru Premium Hamper includes a Cru Steakhouse VIP reservation plate per person to dine at the metro’s premium steakhouse, a Benchmark Cabernet Sauvignon with two wine glasses, Nutella, brie cheese, salami and crackers, 4 pieces of chocolate truffles in a box, and Illy Coffee. Priced at Php8,800.


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