Marriott Café takes Japanese Cuisine to another level with Teppanyaki Station


When in Manila, you sure would not want to miss the sumptuous buffet meal offered at Marriott Café! Just recently, they added a “Teppanyaki Station” for foodies who loves Japanese cuisine.


Of course, I wouldn’t let this opportunity to pass by me. Right then and there, when the editors of When in Manila sent the invitation for this event, I volunteered myself to cover it. I was with my friend, who is a self-confessed Japanese food-lover, Koji Arsua.




The Blogger’s Team watching Chef Manuel’s Teppanyaki cooking prowess.



Koji and I headed off to Marriott Café to see this Teppanyaki Station and try it out. Readers, I kid you not when I say that this would be the best place to dine with your family on special occasions – and even on just regular days when you’re craving for hotel buffets. For a reasonable value of just Php 1750.00, you will get the optimum gastronomic satisfaction.



Sushi Bar

Marriott Café’s sushi and sashimi bar is a must try!



Pardon me, but I would focus more on the Japanese section of the buffet. From sushi to sashimi to anything in between, Japanese is one cuisine that is incomparable to any other cuisine in the world – it’s just savoury and the variety of flavours just gives your palate a new experience. That’s why; Marriott Café decided to add a “Teppanyaki Station” without even increasing its buffet meal price.


I started with the sushi and sashimi section of this part of the buffet. Here’s a confession, I’m not a fan of sashimi, but Marriott Café made me a fan of their selections of the delectable Japanese food.




You can really tell that the tuna used for is fresh, thus tasting really delish.



 Salmon sashimi, anyone?



The tuna and salmon sashimi are just right to start my gastronomic journey of the Japanese cuisine offered by Marriott Café. Koji, the Japanese food fanatic, took about three rounds on this side of the sushi bar. Which just shows how delicious it is! And then there were the different kinds of sushi, the rolls of rice with generous fillings of seafoods. 




 I can hear these  rolls of California Maki  screaming to be eaten!



Here’s a little info, California Maki are done inside-out (meaning the nori is placed after the rice) because Americans doesn’t like having the nori before the rice. So in order for the Japanese sushi chefs get the hearts of Americans into the Japanese cuisine, they made the California Maki rolls.


Of course, sushi and sashimi are best enjoyed when you deep them in soy sauce with wasabi. And look at how cool the wasabi at the Marriott Cafe is!




Cool, no? It looks like a giant siopao, only it’s green! Haha



And we didn’t stop there! Koji and I tried everything, not only once, twice but four times! Silly me, why didn’t I liked sushi and sashimi before? Look at how enticing are these sushi’s!




I also love this one! This is called the Alaskan Roll Sushi.



 You could really say that the seafoods used as ingredients of the sushi are fresh and of high quality! And my favorite, Salmon Sushi!




I would seriously go back to Marriott Cafe, just for this! That’s how good this is!



Another favorite on the table is the Futomaki. Just look at these cylindrical sushi’s and you’ll know why they’re easily gone at the buffet table.





Yum, yum, yum! Look at the generous filling of the sushi! Does it make crave for sushi?



 Of course, the main event! The  Teppanyaki is a Japanese style of food preparation where the chef uses an iron griddle (teppan) to grill (yaki). According to Marriott Cafe executive chef Meik Brammer, Marriott is the only hotel in the country with a teppanyaki grill as part of the buffet line. 




Marriott Cafe executive chef Meik Brammer (R) introduces to the media present that day the Teppanyaki Station chef Manuel Brotonel (L).



 Chef Manuel showed his skills in cooking Teppanyaki, and he was very good at that! He even showed to us some tricks while waiting for Chef Meik. He’s quiet but his passion for cooking is just remarkable, learning how to cook this Japanese style of cooking by himself and pushing really hard to be Marriott Cafe’s Teppanyaki Master.




Chef Manuel at work! He’s cooking the three different types of Teppanyaki!


Gyuniko which is the beef variation, and Marriott Cafe uses US Choice, with vegetables and the sauce. Another one is the  Tori which is the chicken variation also with the vegetables and sauce. Lastly, is the mixed seafood with vegetables and the teppanyaki sauce, Kaisen. I love Chef Manuel’s advice to put a Gomatari and Yakiniku sauce on the teppanyaki. It brings out a lot of flavor!




The Teppanyaki Chef of Marriott Cafe showing his delicious creation!



Here’s another tip: Don’t forget to ask Chef Manuel to make you the Japanese Rice that’s a good combination with any of the Teppanyaki! Okay. 




 The shrimp teppanyaki with vegetables and teppanyaki sauce





US Choice Beef Teppanyaki with the Gotamari sauce.




That’s the Japanese Rice (R) I am telling you! It goes well with any type of teppanyaki.



So, when you’re in Manila and you want to spend some good money on hotel buffet’s! Don’t forget to try the newest addition to the Japanese Cuisine section of Marriott Cafe: the Teppanyaki Station! 






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Marriott Café takes Japanese Cuisine to another level with Teppanyaki Station