RevUp (Markprof Roadshow 2012): Insights from the Marketing Industry Experts



When In Manila and is a student who is still indecisive of what career path to take after college, a big help would be hearing insights and advice from industry experts to help you make that important choice. RevUp: MarkProf Roadshow is a great event to attend to!


Marfprof Foundation  began in 2004 as a small dream of a few people with big hearts. As fate brought these two people–Diosdado “Ding” Salvador, the first regional president of Johnson & Johnson Asean Consumer Group of Companies, and Josiah Go, celebrated marketing guru and Chief Marketing Strategist of Mansmith & Fielders–together, the dream flourished and became a reality in the form of the Markprof Foundation, Inc. The dream is to develop future leaders today , to uplift the Marketing education in the country, and to give equal opportunities to talented individuals from all over the nation. Five years later, the dream lives on in the lives of the young, bright minds whose lives the foundation has changed ( from MarkProf ABout Page).  Each year, Markprof Foundation partners with an organization from different universities to share marketing experts’ insights and learning that can help students decide and ponder upon what their career paths will be after college. UP Association of Business Administration Majors (UP ABAM) is that partner organization of this year’s  RevUp: MarkProf Roadshow.


Last July 14, I went to UP Film Center at UP Diliman to attend the 2012 installment of the RevUp: MarkProf Roadshow.  There were a lot of college students there. It made me remember my own alma mater and what I was like back in fourth year college: lost and undecided on what to do after graduation.



markprof up abam registration

Student participants signing up for RevUp:  RevUp: Markprof Roadshow 2012



The UP Film Institute was so full of college students and I can feel their excitement and eagerness to learn from the speakers of the RevUp – Markprof Roadshow 2012. Most are from UP Diliman and some came from partner organizations at other schools.



markprof up abam up film institute

UP Film Center. It reminded me of the DL Umali Hall. 



Before the program proper, a member of the MarkProf Foundation came up to speak on stage. She talked about the MarkProf Top 25 Management Trainees Program. This is a program where 25 graduating students will undergo a rigorous training from the marketing industry’s top professionals for seven weeks. Markprof Foundation has partnered with some of the country’s sought-after employers to make the marketing trainee’s experience more rewarding and challenging!






After the prayer, invocation, and the hosts’ introduction, Joseph Aruta was up the stage. 



markprof up abam greenwich

 Joseph Aruta- Brand Manager of Greenwich


He talked about how Greenwich struggled and gave solutions to its branding challenges. Remember the Greenwich Barkada? The “Sobrang Cheesy Talaga” commercial? How about the “Ibang Level Ka Na!” commercials? Yup, those are all Greenwich commercials which became the talk of the town and garnered some advertising awards as well. Being a local brand can be a challenge with international brands as your competitors. With great research, exceptional campaign execution, and a ton of hard work, Greenwich boosted up its sales by all these campaigns and continues to give us great-tasting pizzas!


Next was Darlene Ty. She is the founder and owner of the Belle de Jour Planners. Well, you can tell that she is. She looked so girly and chic that day with her outfit and aura.



markprof up abam belle de jour

 Darlene Ty – Owner of Belle de Jour 


 Belle de Jour is French for It girl. I love that planner because of its very nice aesthetics and the period tracker. It is really designed for the girls on the go! Darlene Ty shared to us how she got started by searching for the perfect planner in the bookstores that would fit her personality. Sadly, she didn’t find any and realized why not make the perfect planner for herself? She did and her friends encouraged her to mass produce it because they knew it would be a hit! Well, doing it for the fun of it was just for the start. Now, Belle de Jour helps all Filipinas on-the-go with its nationwide reach and being distributed to various bookstores all over the country.


A snack break was made after the two speakers. A fun ice breaker came after, with the students tossing around balloons for a chance to get to answer some questions about MarkProf Foundation and the event to win some Navi 2012 planners. The kids went wild in that activity!



markprof up abam game

Balloon Relay for an ice breaker at RevUp: Markprof Roadshow 2012



Last up was Major Masa for Garnier. He talked about localizing a global brand for your target market. Truly, Garnier is not really a product for the masses and so the Garnier marketing team had to localize this international brand to the Filipino setting. After many attempts, they finally did and made every Filipina worth it! 



markprof up abam garnier

Major Masa – Jr. Product Manager of Garnier 



It was truly an afternoon of learning and realizing potentials to be in the Marketing industry!


Are you a graduating student who also wants to have a career in marketing? Being a part of the MarkProf Foundation’s 25 Top Marketing Management Trainees is still within reach! You have until the 15th of August to send in your applications. See the poster below for more details.



MarkProf 2012 Poster



So When In Manila and aspiring to gear up for your future marketing career,  RevUp: Markprof Roadshow is a great event to attend to!


RevUp – Markprof Roadshow 2012


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RevUp (Markprof Roadshow 2012): Insights from the Marketing Industry Experts