This is What Marco Polo Davao is Like During the Kadayawan Festival

They say you can visit Davao all-year round, but it’s more fun and more colorful when you travel on the 2nd or 3rd week of August. Why? Because at this time, you can experience Davao at its best as the Kadayawan Festival is being celebrated during that time. Not to miss the complete the full festivity season brought by its local culture, 5-star hotel Marco Polo Davao showcases traditional and local exhibits during this time.

This year, there was a fusion of local talents and flavors. Plus, Café Marco, one of the hotel’s restaurants, served a spread of delicious and sumptuous types of cuisine!

This beautiful set welcomed the guests upon entering the hotel.

This year, they featured Davao-grown brand NIñOFRANCO by Wilson Limon and the local products of the Food Processors Association of Davao City or FOODPAD.

Instead of competing with one another, these brands have come up with an association that helps each other out in promoting Davao City’s local products!

Food and fashion is definitely one of the best ways to see and experience the culture! We should definitely be proud of these brands as Filipinos. Here’s a closer look:

A photo during the fashion show – Rush Lelis wearing a Bagobo Tagabawa evening gown

NIñOFRANCO’s collection showcased contemporary ethnocentric and one-of-a-kind pieces made collaboratively by Mindanaoan tribes – Bagobo Tagawa, Blaan, Tagakaolo, and Tboli.

Here’s a Tagakaolo embellished denim skirt that I think you could wear on normal occasions.

The works of Davao artists – accessories of Maan Chua, photography and visual arts of Jowe Posadas, floral arrangements from Happy Succulents; fixtures from T’nalak Homes; and antique collection of Architect Jose Racho – were also showcased in the hotel’s lobby.

Eagle stuffed toys were also on sale at the hotel’s lobby.

Buying these products went a long way; the proceeds went to the Philippine Eagle Foundation. We heard they do this exhibit annually, but make sure to check out their pages more often to know what they’ll feature next year!

Don’t leave the hotel without trying out the lunch buffet at Café Marco, either, one of the hotel’s restaurants. Here’s a quick tour of my favorites in the spread!

Since the hotel accommodates different nationalities, the sushi section was present.

There’s also a section of fresh vegetables and meat where you can request your own stir-fried choices.

They also have a section where you can try different Malagos cheeses!

Cafe Marco’s dessert spread will make you want to get everything! Here’s a look at their Red Cherry Cheesecake. It’s tangy and sweet!

This is their Durian Fritters, Cafe Marco’s take on the iconic fruit of Davao without too foul of an odor.

Of course, Marco Polo’s signature iced tea is a must-try, as well. Chilled Earl Grey tea is elegantly decanted and poured over elder-flower infused ice cubes and grapes served with freshly baked Turkish delight and syrup.

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There you go! Make sure to include a visit to Marco Polo when you visit Davao.

Marco Polo Davao

CM Recto Street, Poblacion District, Davao City


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