Manny Pacquiao : Yet Another Controversial WIN against Marquez

WhenInManila join the Manny Mania!

Manny Pacquiao : Yet Another Controversial WIN against  Juan Gabriel Marquez

 In the Record  12 world Championship Rounds MannPacquiao y beat his ace Challenger  Juan Marquez!

3 Judge Jury in Nevada Las Vegas favored Manny, the Filipino Welterweight champion, against Juan Gabriel Marquez!

It was like Battle cats entering the ring to settle it once n for all…..

A super duper Amazing Fight. Confident Pacman, his shining wife beaming smiles in white, a razor sharp Marquez n blow to blow, dodge to dodge fIght that stunned the audience. 

 There are bets worth pots of gold, happiness worth every Filipino shining like a star with pride, and controversy worth many a days of media talk, join the Manny fever WhenInManila!

What india pakistan cricket is to the Sub continent , Pacman fights are to the Filipino psyche.

Marquez, the favorite challenger among boxing fanatics in Manila, came out so aggressive that he almost won the match. Jinky, Manny Pacquiao’s wife wasn’t quite sure either, who has won, and who lost. Nor were we in the audience. It was a fight between equals..catch the audience in doubtful cheer at declaration of Manny’s win.

Love the blows hate the blows…you can’t understand this country till u join this fight between soul-mates of sorts : Manny and Marquez When InManila!

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