MANILA TRANSITIO 1945: A Memorial to Commemorate the Battle of Manila


FEBRUARY 27, 2016
6:30PM – 11:30PM
Recommended cost: Php500.00
But we will be happy with any amount. Pay what you can afford.

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In February of 1945, the City of Manila was completely destroyed in a battle between the United States Armed Forces and the Japanese Imperial Army. An estimated 100,000 Filipino civilian lives were lost and Manila’s historic core, the Walled City of Intramuros, was destroyed. The City of Manila was never the same again.

This February 27th, To mark the 71st Anniversary of the Battle of Manila, Intramuros Administration, ‪#‎Vivamanila‬ and Carlos Celdran will present the 7th Annual MANILA TRANSITIO 1945 at the Gardens of Fort Santiago.

TRANSITIO is an art event that aims to connect communities and inspire reflection.

TRANSITIO puts no blame upon anyone for the destruction of 71 years ago. It is called TRANSITIO simply to address the transition of our capital. TRANSITIO will celebrate the beautiful Manila that was and compel Filipinos to work for a beautiful new Manila that will be.

There will be art installations, an open air big band concert of Spanish, Filipino and American music by the Executives, followed by a ritual/performance by Carlos Celdran at the gate of Fort Santiago to cap the evening. A video installation by Tad Ermitaño will be the central focus of the performance. Finally, ILL PRIMITIVO will spin Filipino disco, kundiman, atbp till the end of the night.

Bring your family, friends, dogs, bikes, blankets, and picnic baskets. There will be cuisine by Cocina de Tita Moning, XO1946, EAT Cafe, Juan Brew and Premier wines available as well.

Hope to see you there!

Please stay posted for updates on participation of more artists and performers.

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