Manila PubCrawl: Going beyond Alcohol and Bright Lights

When in Manila and eager to see what’s happening in the local bar scene, joining Manila PubCrawl is a great way to start. A baby of Boracay PubCrawl, it is a bar hopping event that brings people to the coolest bars and pubs in Makati and Quezon City area. And I was lucky for having this as my first legit bar experience.


Yes, that’s right. I did not have any legit bar experience prior to my Manila PubCrawl experience which took place last June 29 (Manila PubCrawl happens every Saturday night). Having lived in Antipolo for years, I never had a chance to stay out late at night simply because commuting to the mountains after midnight was always a bad idea, at least for me. And yes, there were also school and part-time jobs that kept me from a real night life.

So when I finally heard about Manila PubCrawl, I immediately got interested in it. Besides its great lineup of bars this time (including Central BBQ Boy Grill, 121, Prive, Prohibition, Club Cabana, and Republiq), I also learned that this edition of the PubCrawl was called “Party for a Cause” as its profit would go to Red Cross.

Of course, I was a bit lost in the beginning. In the first place, I did not know what to expect besides alcohol and those bright lights I have heard of. I was thinking of asking my friends about what to expect in a bar–as in with the dance floor, lights, and all that stuff–but I hesitated for some reason. Or, perhaps, I was just thinking of surprise factor then and doing all the research would somehow spoil my experience. 


Warming up. Starting the night right with great drinks and small talks

Good thing, Manila PubCrawl Captains were so kind and helpful. When I first arrived at Central BBQ Boy Grill in Makati, they welcomed me with such warmth and gave instructions that were so useful. Also, they gave me my very own PubCrawl shirt, an iconic yellow shirt every PubCrawler has. It came with a shot glass and stubs for the free shooters I could claim at every bar we’d go to.


On the ‘party bus’. Manong driver waits for the captains’ commands.

After the basics, I already started mingling with other PubCrawlers there. The thing is, each one was encouraged to make friends with people we did not know of before the PubCrawl. True enough, besides showcasing the local bar scene in the metro, Manila PubCrawl also aims to turn strangers into friends. More friendships were born as we boarded the modified jeepney, which served as our party bus. As we traveled going to our next destination, we played games. We were even required to sit next to people we still did not know. And we were all encouraged to make friends with everyone.


Work hard; party harder. Team girls vs. team boys take teamwork to the next level as we play beer pong.

No wonder, we were already closer to each other as we went to the second stop which was 121. There, we played beer pong; girls versus boys. Okay, fine, another confession to make: it was the first time I played beer pong and I am grateful of my teammates because they helped me to have a better grasp of the game. We also had a lot of fun during the entire game. Even if we lost, it was still okay.


The night is still young. PubCrawlers still alive and kicking.

The whole bar thing went clearer to me as we went to the next destinations. At Prive, we had some sort of warm up on the dance floor. Then, our moves and energy went a level higher as we went to Prohibition. At both bars, we took our free shooters, danced, had small talks both with fellow PubCrawlers and strangers, and took photos. Sure, we all needed proofs as they are always good for Facebook–which never forgets even if people do, Manila PubCrawl founder and captain Oliver said.


So what if it’s raining? Metro Manila’s under signal no. 2 but we’re still out to party.

Things went crazier as we headed to Resorts World for our last two stops: Club Cabana ang Republiq. Inside these two bars, PubCrawlers were more energetic. By that time, people were not just dancing; they were also singing to the songs. Not just that, some also mingled with other partygoers. The party continued until the morning, regardless of the pouring rain. It was as if no one was getting tired.

According to some, we create occasions for them to celebrate with alcohol. Manila PubCrawl made me realize otherwise. We do not just gather for sake of it as we are also interested in other things that compose the night life; it’s not even about the bright lights. (Photos by Arthur Anthony Corpuz)


Manila PubCrawl



Manila PubCrawl: Going beyond Alcohol and Bright Lights