Man Eats Sea Turtle and Brags About it Online

I find sea turtles or pawikans to be some of the most beautiful and most gentle creatures around. Some even share stories of these turtles crying when hurt or in pain. Unfortunately, these creatures are now critically endangered around the world. The threat is mostly due to the loss of habitat as caused by new developments along their homes such as resorts, buildings etc. So when one man decides to post a photo of a decapitated turtle with an invite to eat, everyone just went crazy.

Screenshots of this post were shared by  Jelvin L.



As seen above, Kevin John Dula-ugon Colonia posted a photo of a sliced sea turtle with the caption “Kain tayo” (Let’s eat). After people commented that this was wrong and illegal, Kevin answered, “Masarap ang bawal” (The forbidden things are good) drawing more angry crowds.

What do you guys think of this?