Mama Luz Comfort Food: A Complete Filipino Home Dining Experience

Mama Luz Comfort Food is a small online food shop that just launched this month! They specialize in Filipino food favorites from the homegrown family recipe of Mama Luz, their family’s light and mother. 

Here are their top three dishes: 

Authentic Kare-Kare with Beef strip and Airfried Pork Belly (Php275 – good for 3 or Php540 – good for 6)

What we love about this kare-kare is the generous amount of vegetables complemented with a thick savory peanut sauce with their bagoong. It’s really similar to how you might say your mother cooked it.

Two-Cheese Creamy Spaghetti (Php180 – good for 2-3 or Php360 – good for 4-5)

This dish is great for the kids, and they are very generous with the cheese!

Special Pork Asado (Php160 – good for 2-3 or Php320 – good for 4-5)

This dish goes really well with hot smoking rice and their delicious sauce. The pork is simply superb; it just slides through the fork as you slice it.

Since these three dishes have been receiving so much love from their online community in Rizal, they decided to test the waters and offer it online to other locations. I also got the chance to ask them about their motivation during these trying times. Here’s what they had to say:

“We want people to not spend so much on buying food that is prepared in such a way that makes one feel really at home when they eat it. During the pandemic, not everyone can access the groceries and local markets to buy fresh produce and ingredients so in a way, we kind of made it easy and offer a menu that is very much loved by the Filipinos.” 

Mama Luz has proven that good food that tastes like home doesn’t have to be expensive. They don’t scrimp on ingredients and really give you a complete Filipino home dining experience. They are currently accepting orders through their social media accounts, so order now.

Mama Luz Comfort Food


Instagram: @mamaluzcomfortfood

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