Make Meal Time More Fun With These Colorful Feeding Essentials!

Staying at home means more meal time with the family. Eating together is a great way to bond with the family and of course, this includes your little one. But since our children have shorter attention span, we are always looking for ways to make meal time more interesting. Whether it’s making the food look colorful or with different shapes, we continue to find ways to make each meal count.

Tiny Twinkle is exclusively distributed by Orijin brands in the Philippines. They offer feeding essentials like bibs, training cups, plates, and a whole lot more.

My 2 year old loves mealtime and the different colors of Tiny Twinkle products make mealtime an opportunity to learn colors and even shapes.

Tiny Twinkle’s ‘Grow with Me’ feeding set is great for babies 6months and up. Your little one can use it as they grow and as their appetites get bigger. The set has a removable suction base, sectional plate, fitted clear lid for plate, deep bowl with handles, and fitted clear lid for bowl.

The ‘Grow with Me’ feeding set is available in rose and mint.

They also have a range of utensils depending on how old your little one is. They have silicone training utensils, silicone dippers, baby spoon (4-pack), and a fork and spoon set.

Since my little one is already 2 years old, the fork and spoon set is the one we use the most. It is made with stainless steel heads, chunky, easy-to-grasp handles, soft, textured, non-slip gripping areas, and built-in supports that allow utensils to rest without touching any surface. It is available in coral, mint, and rose.

There are also beautifully designed bibs to help you with mealtime. The round bibs are the cutest for your babies 3months and above.

Tiny Twinkle

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