Magpie Cafe: A Spot of Happiness in Maginhawa StrEat

Everyone is always looking for happiness. And it comes in vario forms — at home, with friends, materials things, unforgettable experiences, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and all will agree, food. Well, the fame of Maginhawa makes this happiness even more possible: a place called Magpie Cafe serves happiness inside their cute, little store.

Magpie Cafe 5

It resides at Maginhawa StrEat, which most foodies now frequent for new fares to satisfy their adventurous tastes. Magpie means happiness, so it plainly suggests this when you decide to go inside and try out their offerings.

Magpie Cafe 2

Magpie Cafe 1

Magpie Cafe specializes in three things: Bingsoo, waffles and coffee. So, indulge in cool, sweet treats made with quality ingredients and savor happiness with every spoonful.

Magpie Cafe 12

Feel the chill of the holidays with various flavors of their Bingsoo, or Snow Milk:

Magpie Cafe 13

Nokcha Love Snowmilk Bingsoo

My favorite flavour is the matcha bingsoo with red bean paste and almonds. It is heaven sent! I love the texture of the nuts and the smoothness of the shaved ice.

Magpie Cafe 9

Soy Snowmilk Bingsoo

A trip back to those days when taho completed our mornings. This is a light choice for those who prefer something different yet easy on the tastebuds.

Magpie Cafe 11

Chocolate Fountain Snowmilk Bingsoo

One of the most popular choices, this bowl of chocolate overload has chunky toppings, delicious choco snow ice, vanilla ice cream and a cherry on top.

Magpie Cafe 1

Blueberry Cheesecake Snowmilk Bingsoo

Another thing I like about Magpie Cafe is how they can incorporate two desserts in one, like this Blueberry Cheesecake Bingsoo.

Magpie Cafe 2

Mango Cheesecake Snowmilk Bingsoo

And for a more Pinoy twist, the mango version will get your approval!

Magpie Cafe 3

Affogato Cheesecake Snowmilk Bingsoo

Let’s not forget about coffee lovers, either. Get coffee and cheesecake in one with this bingsoo. You get two in a price of one, and the best part is: it’s so good, you’ll come back for another round! Yum!