This Luxurious Persian Spa Offers Non-Surgical Slimming and Body Contouring Services

Written by Jesh Orquina / Photography by Hannah Beltran and Chloe King

Aramesh Spa and Wellness

Aramesh Spa and Wellness’ massage rooms feature Persian furniture and decorations.

If you haven’t tried getting a massage at Aramesh Spa and Wellness yet, you’re definitely missing out. Aramesh Spa and Wellness offers a whole new spa experience unlike any you’ve tried before. Being the country’s first Persian spa, it truly is one-of-a-kind.

Aramesh Spa and Wellness Persian Tea

You can try out their Persian tea while waiting in the lobby!

From the architecture to the decorations, everything is Persian-inspired! While waiting in their lobby, their staff will offer to serve you Persian tea complete with Persian teapots and teacups. For an even better experience, you can also try drinking their tea the Persian way by placing a block of sugar on your tongue before sipping the tea. As you sip the tea, allow it to pass through the sugar on your tongue so that it melts as you sip!

Aramesh Spa and Wellness Lobby

Aramesh Spa and Wellness shares a lobby with Fashion Smile.

Aramesh Spa and Wellness was established six years ago as part of the Fashion Smile Dental Clinic. The spa prides itself on offering holistic body massage treatments that promote health and wellness. Because of the spa and clinic’s unique concept and design, it has grown and taken an identity of its own.

Aramesh Spa and Wellness Services

Aramesh Spa and Wellness offers massages and other skincare treatments.

Just this year, Aramesh Spa and Wellness added skin and laser treatments to their services. Perhaps the most intriguing of all their new services are the non-surgical slimming and body contouring services. With just lasers, you can get rid of your unwanted body fat!

Aramesh Spa and Wellness Skincare Treatments

Aramesh Wellness and Spa is now offering skin and laser treatments!

The spa also offers other skincare treatments such as facials, body scrubs and wraps, laser hair removal, skin lightening, and tattoo removal. Aramesh Spa and Wellness is equipped with the best equipment. They also use top-of-the-line European skincare products to ensure that all of their services are of the best quality.

Aramesh Spa and Wellness VIP Room

Aramesh Spa and Wellness’ VIP Room for friends or couples who want to avail a couple’s package.

Aside from individual services, Aramesh Spa and Wellness also offers packages for both individuals and couples. Whether you want a full body massage, a luxury facial, or both; you can get it here!

In case you really enjoy the experience at Aramesh Spa and Wellness (which you will), you may purchase one of their membership packages to get discounts and other perks.

Aramesh Spa and Wellness and Fashion Smile are currently located at Heart Tower in Salcedo Village, Makati but stay tuned for their upcoming branch in Bonifacio Global City!

Aramesh Spa and Wellness Room

One of the rooms in Aramesh Spa and Wellness

Aramesh Spa and Wellness runs side by side with Fashion Smile. The spa and dental clinic are both owned by Dr. Shideh Nikbin, orthodontist and aesthetic specialist, Dr. Far Shamsi, periodontist and aesthetic surgeon, and Dr. Farahnaz Shamsi, cosmetic dentist. For reservations, call or text 09175092010. You may also call the numbers 4787738 and 7506916 or email at

Aramesh Spa and Wellness
Unit 601, Heart Tower, 108 Valero Street, Makati