Luxent Hotel: A hidden gem in the heart of Quezon City for a great staycation!

I have always loved hotels. The cool relaxing ambiance, the great food, and fantastic service. I have been regularly enjoying staycations in great hotels with my family almost yearly, from 5 star hotels, to new amazing hotels by the newly established casinos. It’s always a pleasure to enjoy a relaxing time without having to go far from the city. Now, there are a lot of small hotels around the metro popping-up. From small boutique hotels, cheap hotels, middle-level hotels, there’s a lot of options now. For quick short stays to long semi-vacations, there’s so much to choose from aside from the staple 4 and 5 star hotels. Luxent hotel, a hotel not so new which is pretty near my area has always captured my attention. The design of the hotel, plus the overlooking pool has caught my attention to what this hotel can offer. Just past the holy week, I was able to stay in Luxent hotel and here I am to share you our awesome experience!


Luxent hotel is located just along Timog ave in Quezon City. it’s hard to miss the hotel as you can easily glimpse upon the reception hall that is walled in glass. A very modern and relaxing ambiance awaits you upon entering. We were able to reserve a Deluxe King Room a few days ahead, initially a lower room, but I decided to push for the Deluxe King as it was too nice in the photo to pass on. The room is very very spacious! More spacious and cheaper too than other 4 star or 5 star hotel. Great space and has a nice view of the city. There is also the usual inclusions to these level of rooms, and also even a couch to lounge around. Very “King” indeed.




The bonus part of the Deluxe King Room in my opinion, is the comfort room. Really clean, cozy, and beautiful. It’s actually surprising for me with hot Luxent has great rooms and areas that even some more expensive hotels doesn’t adorn. During the afternoon, there’s even a Halo-Halo buffet open for everyone checked-in the hotel! Talk about beating the heat! The entire hotel is clean, spacious enough even though it is located in the busy and tight Timog area of Quezon City, priced really affordable for a hotel that isn’t cheap at all, and let me tell you, the food is GREAT!


Dinner was fantastic! A great variation of dishes from Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Filipino, American, and Chinese. All having their unique qualities, and very much better than some famous buffets around the metro. No international dish having a same style with another international dish! All have their own ground on charming the palate. I was struck at how very equal and juicy my steak was done! The steak chef did a fantastic job as the steak really had good texture and flavor that boasts quality and skill. To be honest, I did not expect the dishes here to be this good.





They even had an area for cheese, my weakness. Ranging from Camembert, Brie, Blue cheese, and even having Focaccia to match!



The desserts were also fantastic! There was were a ton of pastries rivaling famous buffet restaurants and even better tasting to boot! None too sweet. Perfect for the right sweetness and flavor.




Breakfast was also heavenly, you have a ton of breads, cereals, breakfast dishes, and drinks. A much different variety to keep you getting fat in Luxent. I did.


 Luxent’s pool area may be quite small, but it’s beautiful and different as it overlooks the city. A great ambiance with good service is always so refreshing and fun!


Overall, Luxent might not be a 5-star hotel or a hotel that has been a huge attraction for locals and foreigners, but it excels where many hotels fall short. Food is surprisingly great! The pool is small but really cool and creative, and the staff are very accommodating and quick! So if you’re looking for a place to simply unwind and relax from the busy metro, or looking for a hotel in Manila if you’re a visitor, definitely check-out Luxent hotel!

Check-out some more pictures of the hotel and the great food:





































Luxent Hotel Website


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